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It’s Necessary Not To Lose Stranglehold Around Lukashenka’s Neck

It’s Necessary Not To Lose Stranglehold Around Lukashenka’s Neck

Only real actions now will lead to the fall of the criminal regime.

Possible exceptions to the sanctions against Belarusian fertilizers, which the EU countries are now increasingly discussing, could turn into a disaster for Belarusians and Ukrainians. Cash flows from fertilizers have always been and remain one of the main sources of financing for the illegitimate Belarusian authorities.

And this is when there are no new sanctions introduced, and no monitoring of the previously introduced ones. This is a real betrayal of democracy. The Belarusians took to the streets in 2020 to defend their freedom, but the possible end of support for the Belarusian people is the end of the defence of democracy, for which Ukraine is fighting today.

Active support for Ukraine requires increased pressure on the Russian regime and its allies. In particular, to the Russian bridgehead on the territory of Belarus. Otherwise, what happens is that we fight against dictatorships with one hand, and feed the regimes with the other, easing the pressure.

Today, Lukashenka is only heating up the situation and certainly does not deserve any concessions, but, on the contrary, maximum sanctions pressure. Political repressions and human rights violations continue, and the situation in the country is becoming increasingly tense. There is no single day without arrests. The figures go off the scale in all the cities - dozens of people per day, and the number of political prisoners is growing accordingly. The easing of sanctions will mean that the international community will stop supporting the Belarusian people, who continue to fight for their rights and freedoms. Not to mention the fact that the allowance of the territory of Belarus for the deployment of the occupying troops and the numerous missile launches against Ukraine remain unpunished for some reason.

There is a reason that sanctions should not be introduced as a fake excuse, like a ban on entry into any civilized country, but real actions are needed that will lead to the fall of the criminal regime. The targeted and joint work of the Belarusian democratic community and the EU countries in the main areas will not only help get rid of Lukashenka, but will also prevent the international criminal Putin from bypassing through Belarus the sanctions imposed against Russia, as it was before. We all remember Belarusian pineapples and shrimps from the Minsk Sea.

In general, sanctions are an important tool in the fight for democracy and human rights, and their use must be well-considered and targeted. It is necessary to encourage democratic reforms, support civil society and protect human rights. Only then can real progress be achieved and a stable, free society be created in the whole region.

Finally, keeping Belarusian fertilizers under sanctions and the imposition of new ones is necessary in order not only to maintain economic pressure on the Lukashenka regime but also to support the Belarusian people, who tirelessly continue their struggle, despite all the hardships. We still consider sanctions as a tool that puts real pressure on the Lukashenka regime and can force him to surrender.

Long Live Belarus!

Artsiom Chernikau, especially for the Basta Telegram channel

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