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AFU Colonel: ‘Good Folk’ Can Destroy Russian Planes And Iskanders In Belarus

AFU Colonel: ‘Good Folk’ Can Destroy Russian Planes And Iskanders In Belarus

We can recall the example of Iran.

Putin intends to deploy Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. What weapons are we talking about? What awaits our country if Putin’s plans come true?

Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Pilot Instructor Roman Svitan answered this and other questions of the Charter97.org website.

– We are talking about tactical warheads for Iskander missile systems, aviation bombs and missiles. Others probably don't. They won't deploy strategic nuclear weapons. They talked about tactical nuclear weapons, but the deployment remains a big question.

They are to prepare a certain storage facility for the deployment of nuclear weapons. The Russians could not do this in Feodosia-13 for nine years. There is such a facility in annexed Crimea: an old Soviet storage of nuclear weapons. So, in nine years they were not able to prepare and restore it technologically. The Russians are simply unable to provide such a repository in Belarus. The United States helped equip all the nuclear storage facilities in Russia once 30 years ago.

There is American equipment that maintains a certain microclimate for storing nuclear charges. As well as the control and maintenance systems of the nuclear explosive. I emphasize that the Russians could not prepare Feodosia without the United States. Not to mention preparations in Belarus for several months. This is from the realm of fantasy.

– Then why did Putin start this?

– This is more like nuclear blackmail, which Xi Jinping is conducting through Putin. Putin started this rhetoric after Xi's arrival. Lukashenka was lost for several days. He doesn't speak on the subject at all.

This is a kind of blackmail to make European leaders run to Xi and resolve some issues. Naturally, Xi will "twist their arms" on economic issues.

Russia is such a mad dog of China. Xi uses Putin and Russia, its nuclear weapons and rhetoric. He uses North Korea in the same way when it comes to South Korea and Japan. Xi gives the command to launch ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan and then the Japanese and South Koreans run to Xi to resolve the issue. The same picture with Iran. Iran is given the command to "nightmarize" Israel, Syria and nearby countries.

Xi is now using Putin and Russia in the mode of such a mad dog. Barking, throwing and scaring to solve some economic issues. China has very big problems with its economy. Putin is driving European leaders to Xi to resolve some issues.

– Suppose that Putin still manages to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus. What awaits our country if his plans come true?

– Still, I don't think that Putin will be able to prepare nuclear storage facilities. He can use airfields, aircraft and Iskanders, which are now transferred to Lukashenka, they can carry nuclear weapons. You can simply equip them, and then drag them all over Belarus.

Of course, that would be a legitimate military target. As soon as nuclear weapons appear on the territory of Belarus, they will be immediately destroyed. The strike will be conventional, a dirty bomb will appear at the site of the explosion. The nuclear explosive will be broken, but there will be no nuclear reaction. There will be not a nuclear explosion, but a contamination of the territory with the remnants of the nuclear explosive.

Then the question of certain sanctions for the deployment of these weapons will arise. It is clear that Belarus will suffer. The country will take a blow from one side - the usual, NATO one, and on the other - almost forever there will be a stain after the detonation of this ammunition. Nevertheless, Lukashenka goes for it. He will answer to the Belarusian people for it.

I think that the Belarusians will tear him to small shreds for such deeds. It's true, he may have time to escape to China, get plastic surgery, shave off his moustache, get slanted eyes, and start speaking Chinese. The place is already taken in Rostov.

– How can the Pentagon react to nuclear weapons in Belarus? Has Moscow already received any signals from there?

– The Pentagon is a significant military force that will simply destroy it without any signals to Moscow. The military does not give signals. This is usually done by politicians.

The Pentagon will operate on the basis of threats. It will destroy these nuclear explosives as soon as they appear in Belarus. They will conduct a liquidation operation within the framework of certain NATO conditions. The fact is that this will already be a direct nuclear threat to the Baltics and Poland. They will act under the fifth article of NATO, and they can do it without any announcements. They will do it and that's all. They may even destroy those who "are not there".

Some "good folk", following the example of Iran or Syria, where factories were blown up, will blow up these nuclear explosives, and destroy aircraft with nuclear weapons and Iskanders. There are many "good folk" wandering around the world today.

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