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Will Ukrainian Drone Army Be Able To Сhange Tide Of War?

Will Ukrainian Drone Army Be Able To Сhange Tide Of War?

Military expert’s opinion.

American magazine Forbes reported that Ukraine is preparing an attack of 50,000 drones on the positions of the Russian army. Is it information? The Charter97.org website asked about this Ukrainian military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko.

– I can neither confirm nor deny 50,000. I do not know where the foreign publication got this information. I can say that drones play a very important role in reconnaissance and strike functionality today.

Until 2014, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not pay enough attention to the use of these weapons, but it was the hybrid invasion of the territory of Ukraine that attracted the attention of our defence industry. We have a lot of our own developments, primarily of the reconnaissance type.

Since 2022, we have been improving our capabilities to upgrade some dual-purpose drones (civilian and commercial) for hostilities. The use of drones is very important for the destruction of Russian military vehicles: light, medium and heavily armored, as well as their manpower.

The Russian occupying forces are not capable of countering such attacks with full effectiveness. They don't have an effective solution. The use of reconnaissance and strike drones is an integral part of modern warfare. If their number in the combat zone and the frequency of their use increase, then this is quite logical and expected.

– Can the Ukrainian drone army change the tide of the war?

– We use drones in a comprehensive manner. Only drones cannot provide a critical advantage in a war zone. Only if this war zone is limited to a small area. Unfortunately, our combat zone is a large territory: from Troitske in the Luhansk Region to Nova Kakhovka in the left-bank Kherson Region. This is a huge territory, tens of thousands of square kilometers. Therefore, only drones cannot solve everything.

If we were talking, for example, about a small location, such as Bakhmut, then yes there. It would be a decisive element that would change a lot. But on the territory of the total length of hostilities - no. Therefore, we use drones in a comprehensive manner, together with artillery, cannon and rocket, and other weapons. They are included in the general tactics because each drone is not only a potential strike, but also the provision of intelligence information for artillery, aviation, infantry, and so on.

So, the comprehensive manner can in this case have high efficiency. Only drones will not provide a critical change in such areas.

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