9 December 2023, Saturday, 12:18
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Russian Journalist: Putin Scared Because Of Bad Sentiments In Army

Russian Journalist: Putin Scared Because Of Bad Sentiments In Army

The chances of a military coup in Russia are quite high.

Russian journalist and political observer Evgeny Kiselev believes that Putin is scared because of the bad sentiments in the army that have been reported to him. First of all, the point is that the professional military are not happy about the participation in combat operations of the so-called "Kadyrovtsy", who are in fact convicts.

They have disliked Kadyrovtsy since the time of the Chechen wars. They tolerate them, but they don't like them. Obviously, no one was happy about the creation of Mr. Prigozhin's PMC Wagner corps, which consists of more than 30,000 criminals. I think that professional military are not at all happy that some yesterday's killers, robbers, bandits are fighting next to them. I think it is offensive for them," said Evgeny Kiselev in his interview to Alesia Batsman.

However, the journalist said the most important thing afterwards. In his opinion, there could indeed be an attempted military coup in Russia.

"Let's recall at the end of the day what happened in 1991. That was within our lifetime. The Soviet military, sensing that the regime was falling apart, took part in the military coup. Yes, virtually all the leaders of the country were there except Gorbachev. But I am absolutely certain that if there had not been the military (they were in charge there!), nothing would have happened," Kiselev explained, hinting at the special role of the Russian military in overthrowing Putin's regime.

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