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Belarusian AFU Soldier About Battles For Vuhledar: We Eliminate The Occupiers Who Were Trained To ‘Land In The USA’

Belarusian AFU Soldier About Battles For Vuhledar: We Eliminate The Occupiers Who Were Trained To ‘Land In The USA’

Alexander Mauchanau told how Ukraine dispelled the myth about the military might of the Russian Federation.

Hero of the 2010 Square, former political prisoner Aliaksandr Mauchanau defends Vuhledar in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian occupiers stepped up their attempts to take this city in the Donetsk region. A Belarusian fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the website Charter97.org about the defence of the city, remembered the deceased volunteer Eduard Lobau and told what the Belarusians should prepare for:

– Since January 24, Russian troops have been attempting a fairly large-scale offensive, the purpose of which, apparently, is to capture Vuhledar. At the moment, the occupiers have no serious success here. An elite unit of the Russian army, the marines of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation, is fighting against us. These are the guys who, in theory, were supposed to land on the coast of the United States, but it turned out that they were forced to act in Pryazovia.

Their losses are really huge. Obviously, if we are talking about mechanized equipment, the number goes into tens, several hundred of manpower has already been destroyed, and, perhaps, even amounts to four-digit numbers.

I can’t say that it is easy for us to hold to the line against their onslaught. Unfortunately, we also have losses. There are dead on our side, there are wounded. But they are much lower than the enemy’s losses.

The Russians still do not give up trying to advance, despite the fact that these attempts are suicidal for them. The occupiers are trying to attack, suffering losses, retreating, regrouping and resupplying, and then trying to attack again.

I do not know what percentage of them remained from the old contract army, and what percentage of their units were mobilized Russians. But it is obvious that the backbone of contract soldiers was destroyed in the spring and summer of 2022.

– Belarusian volunteer Eduard Lobau died in the battles near Vuhledar. You said that he destroyed about 15 Russian paratroopers before his death. Is it true that Eduard was such a strong warrior?

– Eduard Lobau had good military training and significant combat experience. Previously, he was serving in volunteer battalions, in the 8th Special Forces Regiment, he also was serving with me for several years, in the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade. Eduard was a brave man with a strong character, he was never afraid of danger and difficulties. In addition, he was a man of principle, he loved to follow justice in everything: both in the service and in everyday life. I remember Eduard like that.

– How, in your opinion, will events develop on the fronts of the war in Ukraine in the near future?

– The Russians are trying to regain the initiative in the war even now. They are trying to attack almost the entire frontline. True, they have exclusively local tactical successes in some cases: somewhere they were able to capture a forest plantation, somewhere a cowshed on the outskirts of a village, they were able to capture several small settlements in the Bakhmut region with great efforts. However, they have been trying to advance on this sector of the frontline since mid-summer.

From the point of view of military tactics and strategy, these offensive attempts by the Russian troops are insane. This is not offensive from the point of view of military science, but almost senseless attacks in which the Russians burn their resources in bulk quantities, including equipment and people.

I think the Russian military and political leadership is aware that large assistance from our Western allies will arrive in the second half of spring and early summer. This will include a significant number of artillery systems, modern armoured combat vehicles, the long-awaited modern tanks of NATO countries, and many other good things that have not yet been publicly discussed.


The Russian political bosses understand that this is their last chance to capture something else, while this assistance has not yet arrived in Ukraine. Russian troops had been suffering major operational scale defeats throughout the autumn: in the Kharkiv region, in the Donetsk region near Lyman and in the Kherson region.

The legend of the Russian military might was destroyed. The Russians will try to demonstrate that they are still capable of an offensive, although it is obvious that they will simply continue to drive their manpower to the slaughter, the only resource that Russia still has sufficiently.

But modern wars are not won by body-throwing tactics, so Russia will lose. I think that in the second half of spring and summer, everyone will see major victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and we will be able to liberate significant territories in the south and east of the country from the Russian occupation.

– What do Belarusians have to prepare for?

– For the armed struggle and the future of our country. This is the only way to bring closer freedom from the dictatorship.

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