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Unprecedented Operation: SSU Destroys Russian Headquarters In Polissya

Unprecedented Operation: SSU Destroys Russian Headquarters In  Polissya

Ukraine carried out the first sabotage operation using artillery forces.

The Ukrainian Security Service lifted the curtain on the special operation to destroy the Russian rear control center in Polissya in March 2022.

A unique sabotage operation using heavy artillery became a significant contribution of the SSU to the liberation of the Kyiv region from the occupiers.

Its details are presented in the film “Lair of the Enemy. Liquidation” from the documentary series “SSU. Special Operations of Victory”.

“This was the first such sabotage operation using artillery forces. The successful, high-quality, sabotage training of the SSU together with the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an example of the fact that together we are strong. It contributed to the defense of the Kyiv region. We repelled the enemy, and they were forced to retreat from the territory of Ukraine,” emphasized the SSU head Vasyl Malyuk.

The headquarters housed the leadership of the Russian troops advancing on Kyiv. The occupiers also stored a large amount of equipment, ammunition and fuel nearby. This logistics management center became the target of the Security Service.

To hit the target, SSU special forces quietly delivered artillery to the so-called gray zone, close to Russian positions. Heavy 152-mm cannons were deployed on a sabotage raid in close proximity to the enemy.

“It was a daring operation. In fact, a few kilometers from the enemy, the guys were preparing positions for our artillery,” said the head of the SSU.

Thanks to successful artillery fire, the invaders' command post was destroyed.

The special operation was carried out by the SSU in cooperation with the 44th artillery brigade of the Zahid OK of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As Vasyl Malyuk noted, after this operation, the “A” Special Operations Center and the 13th Main Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of the SSU, together with the Defense Forces, continued to contribute to the liberation of the Kyiv region: they mined logistics arteries, blew up bridges, and destroyed Russian equipment and the occupiers themselves.

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