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Belarusian Athletes Barred From Paris Olympic Games: Impact On Participation Announced

Belarusian Athletes Barred From Paris Olympic Games: Impact On Participation Announced

The International Federation does not lift the ban.

Belarusian and Russian track and field athletes are still suspended from participating in international competitions, World Athletics said, writes Reuters. Prior to this, the International Olympic Committee decided that athletes from the two countries would be able to compete at the 2024 Paris Games as neutrals.

In response to the IOC decision, World Athletics (WA) said: “All athletes, support personnel and officials from Russia and Belarus are excluded from all World Athletics Series events, and from hosting any International or European athletics events.”

“We will continue to monitor the situation but unless there is a major change in circumstances between now and the Olympic Games, this exclusion will apply to Paris 2024,” Reuters writes referring to World Athletics.

“It is the IOC’s remit to decide which countries are invited to participate at the Olympic Games, but it is the responsibility of the IFs (international federations) to decide which athletes within their sport are eligible to compete,” notes World Athletics.

“In Paris you can see Russian or Belarusian athletes under a neutral flag, but they will not be involved in athletics. The position of athletics remains unchanged, it is a stable position,” World Athletics chief Sebastian Coe said during a teleconference.

At the same time, on December 8, at the World Athletics meeting in Monaco, the working group on the status of Belarusians and Russians at international competitions and events was updated. Five members of the group will decide the future of track and field athletes from Belarus and the Russian Federation at international competitions.

The working group has been tasked with the following:

“Consider the conditions and criteria that should be established to permit, at some point in the future, the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes, athlete support personnel, Member Federation officials and other officials in competing in and/or attending World Athletics Series events or World Athletics Series competitions, Olympic Games”.

It is important to note that on December 8, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee decided that Belarusians would be able to compete at the Games in Paris 2024 as neutrals.

This refers to individual athletes who will qualify within the existing selection criteria for the Olympic Games. Athletes and personnel who “actively support the war” will not be allowed to compete. This also applies to those who have a contract with military organizations or security agencies.

Officials and members of governments will not receive invitations to the Games in Paris.

The Belarusian flag, anthem or any other designation of nationality will also be prohibited.

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