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Germany Decides On Travel Documents For Belarusians

Germany Decides On Travel Documents For Belarusians

German MIA answered.

German local authorities will be entitled to issue official travel documents to Belarusians, Deutsche Welle reports the response of the German Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Journalists contacted this ministry asking about possible opportunities for Belarusians with expired ID documents (passports) and who cannot return to their homeland to exchange documents.

The German MIA, after studying the situation, concluded that local authorities may consider it inappropriate to require an exchange of a Belarusian passport if the fact of political persecution in Belarus can be proven. The MIA asked the authorities to consider the possibility of issuing a German travel document to Belarusians.

Citizens of Belarus will have to apply to local authorities to obtain such a document. The application must detail the reasons why it is dangerous to return to Belarus and provide possible evidence.

The problem with ID documents for political emigrants arose after Lukashenka’s September decree. He prohibited Belarusian foreign missions from issuing and exchanging passports for Belarusians abroad. Now, to replace their passport, Belarusians have to return to Belarus and contact the Belarusian MIA departments. This threatens many with political persecution.

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