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Nick and Mike: Lukashenka Extremely Upset

Nick and Mike: Lukashenka Extremely Upset

Not only his health has failed.

"Blue-fingered" (Lukashenka - ed.) is extremely upset. He didn't manage to meet a "cigarette butt" (Putin - ed.) in the UAE. The latter had neither the time nor the inclination, while the "blue-fingered" lacked the health, writes the telegram channel Nick and Mike.

The mood was spoilt by the pictures of the cigarette butts that arrived in the Emirates for a few hours. The "blue-fingered" had only dreamed of all those camels, flags in the sky, cannons and other entourage, and after all he is a great friend of the Emiratis. But here, at the level of protocol, the difference is very clear: who has high status and who has low status.

Holding money and doing business in the status of a regional vassal is the status of an underdog who rushes to the Kremlin or Beijing at the first call. In his spare time he dances with dubious characters from African countries.

It is necessary to finish the holiday and come back somehow.

Meanwhile, another friend of the two dictators has decided to create a hotbed of tension. After a "referendum" on the return of "historical territories" that have not existed since 1899, Nicolas Maduro is preparing his "special military operation" against neighbouring Guyana. The world has yet to realise that dictators will continue to create crises and shit under the door if they are not shown strength. It is time to learn how to stop it in time and not let this cancerous tumour grow to the point where it is inoperable. The money that Nicolás Maduro received as a result of the deal to ease sanctions on the oil sector, he "unexpectedly" decided to use for war.

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