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HIMARS Strikes Victory: Special Ammunition Takes Down Russian Troops Column On Highway

HIMARS Strikes Victory: Special Ammunition Takes Down Russian Troops Column On  Highway

The occupiers confirmed on video the defeat on the left bank of the Dnipro.

Back on November 10, Ukrainian artillery launched targeted attacks on a column of invaders who were standing on the highway in the village of Hladkivka in the Kherson region in broad daylight.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that there were practically no deaths, but new footage taken from the scene of the emergency by the occupiers themselves show the opposite, reports dialog.ua.

The video itself can be seen on the Supernova+ channel (caution, sensitive content 18+).

At one time, the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel reported the liquidation of at least 80 Russian military personnel after hits in Hladkivka.

Today this information was indirectly confirmed, as Z-publics posted their video.

In it you can see trucks with mobilized people, but they are no longer alive.

The enemy showed two trucks, but, as we know, more than five vehicles were hit. Even then, Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazansky wrote that in Hladkivka the Russian Ministry of Defense specially assembled a column of such a large number of vehicles as a diversionary maneuver. However, they themselves paid for this maneuver.

The column stood in the village in broad daylight and aerial reconnaissance detected it, instantly transmitting its coordinates to the artillery. The settlement itself was located only 23 km from Kherson.

In total, 11 vehicles were recorded. Some contained shells, and some also contained ammunition.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a strike with HIMARS using cluster munitions. This is clearly demonstrated by the video published by the occupiers.

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