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'Mikalai's Smile Still Stored In My Memory'

'Mikalai's Smile Still Stored In My Memory'

A Belarusian woman told how Statkevich gives people hope.

I have read the material about Mikalai Statkevich, writes Yelizaveta, a Charter97.org reader from Pinsk.

It became so painful and uncomfortable for me. I refuse to believe that he has been tortured. I can see Mikalai's smile in my mind and hear his relaxed and friendly speech. I was impressed by how sincerely he believes in what he does, how easily he talks to people.

Back then, Mikalai came to the activists from Pinsk to talk about nominating "protest candidates" for the elections. He felt that victory was close, that it was only necessary to make up the mind and act decisively.

But I didn't dare, I promised to think about his proposal to be nominated as a "protest candidate", I thought about it and didn't agree, as it was a very big responsibility for me, and I had to help my family and give birth to a child. I refused.

When everything began, I actively participated in all the rallies, marches, even made a speech at the square.

Now I have neither a home nor a family. However, I hope that I will come back, that everything can still be corrected, and I keep Mikalai's smile in my memory. Smile, Mikalai! Joy conquers darkness!

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