23 February 2024, Friday, 2:46
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AFU Special Forces Attack Kursk Region Of Russian Federation

AFU Special Forces Attack Kursk Region Of Russian Federation

Enemy hardware and personnel were destroyed.

Special Forces of the Ukrainian army have successfully attacked military hardware and personnel of the Russian Federation troops on the Russian territory. The enemy target was hit in the Kursk-Bryansk direction. The corresponding video was published by AFU colonel and blogger Anatoly Shtefan in his Telegram channel.

"Our special forces groups are working effectively. The continuation follows. Glory to Ukraine and its warriors!" reads the description to the video.

The first part of the video shows the moment of a precise strike on an enemy vehicle, and then on a cluster of soldiers of the Russian army.

"Colonel of the AFU Anatoly Shtefan "Shtirlitz" publishes a video of the mysterious disappearance of Russian hardware and manpower in the Kursk-Bermuda triangle. How do they do it!" journalist Yuri Butusov commented on the video.

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