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Ukrainian Forces Struck Unexpected Blow At Russians In Donetsk Region

Ukrainian Forces Struck Unexpected Blow At Russians In Donetsk Region

Front-line situation analysis by a Ukrainian colonel.

The Russians continue their assaults along almost the entire front line. Partially, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in offensive defence mode, so there are several cases of successful advance.

Why did they come as a surprise to the enemy and what are the consequences? Roman Svitan, the instructor pilot, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military analyst, gives the answers in the daily front-line report on 24 Channel.

Blackout at Zaporizhia NPP

At the same time, power was cut at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on December 2. Zaporizhzhia NPP switched to generators. Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said that every such incident could result in “Fukushima”.

Svitan explained that one of the lines of the nuclear power plant is connected to the general energy system of Ukraine. It was this line that the enemy interrupted with shelling of Nikopol and the right bank of the Dnipro River.

However, the nuclear power plant is equipped with ten additional generators, which go into emergency mode in such cases. If one generator stops working, it will cause significant problems, because it is impossible to replace it. This will create the threat of the inability to cool the reactors, lower the rods, and other critical actions associated with technological cycles.

“At a point like this, if the unexpected happens, it could actually be something like Fukushima, with radioactive contaminated water coming out of the internal reservoirs. One solution is the de-occupation and demilitarisation of the station, only then we can talk about its safety,” the military analyst concluded.

The Armed Forces Ukrainian are actively working on the left bank of Kherson

Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are now on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region, report that Ukraine has deployed marines there.

Svitan explained that mostly Ukrainian intelligence has been on the left bank in recent months. It went behind enemy lines and worked to a depth of up to 30 kilometers, mainly to adjust artillery fire and perform other combat missions.

“When front-line troops like marines are deployed they can equip positions on the left bank and create an operational-level bridgehead,” the expert noted.

Advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk region

The Ukrainian forces struck an unexpected blow at the enemy in the Donetsk region. Advancement was recorded in the direction of the village of Mayorske.

The general direction is the city of Horlivka. Toretsk, to the west, serves as an important line for the Ukrainian troops, which is located at a height and provides for fire control. Svitan suggested that if the Ukrainian forces advance beyond Mayorske to the village of Holmivskiy, it will be possible to announce control over the northern part of Horlivka.

That’s possible now thanks to the hard surface near Horlivka. The reserve colonel is convinced that this direction is one of the two most promising along which defence forces can move in the winter.

“The Russians are now trying to attack Avdiivka, the task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to withstand this pressure and destroy personnel and weapons as much as possible. Further, if there are enough forces and means, the fighters will be able to move towards Donetsk and Yasynuvata,” Svitan assured.

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