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Garry Kasparov Says War In Ukraine Could Be Ended In Two Weeks

Garry Kasparov Says War In Ukraine Could Be Ended In Two Weeks

Even today the war can be won.

One of the leaders of the Russian opposition, the great chess player Garry Kasparov believes that there is the simplest and most effective way to end the war in Ukraine quickly - to provide the AFU with the necessary weapons and equipment.

The famous grandmaster said this in an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Gordon website Alesia Batzman: "Even today the war can be won by supplying weapons that are stored in America. There is no problem. F-16s will close the issue of Russian helicopters controlling the front line. We know that Russian attack helicopters simply keep tanks from moving, and F-16s would bring them down straight away."

The Russian opposition politician assured that just one decision made by the Ukrainian political leadership could accelerate the victory: "Big drones can destroy the bridge. You understand, if the bridge collapsed today, the psychological effect would be incredible.

It could be done in a fortnight without any problems. This requires political will, which does not exist, and Putin realises that this will does not exist."

Garry Kasparov also expressed his views on why the West has not yet provided Ukraine with everything it needs to win: "In fact, today in America there are heirs to the concept that the collapse of Russia is the biggest catastrophe they can imagine, because it leads to unpredictable consequences, so they believe that other solutions must be found. These solutions have to do with freezing the war or putting it in a 'creeping' mode, which is favourable to Putin, because the war is already spreading around the world".

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