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Aliaksadr Kabanau: ‘Surprise’ Awaits Lukashenka Soon

Aliaksadr Kabanau: ‘Surprise’ Awaits Lukashenka Soon

The dictator self-destructed.

What tools do we currently have to fight the Lukashenka regime and what can Belarusians expect in the new year?

Aliaksadr Kabanau is a famous Belarusian influencer from Brest and a former political prisoner. He shared his opinion with the Basta! Telegram channel:

“If we talk about Lukashenka and his regime, it’s self-destruction and it’s even more harmful than the efforts of all the democratic forces. By and large, we can only help him with this.

What is Lukashenka doing? Let's start with the fact that economically everything is extremely bad there. Not because sanction effect and not because “everyone is so bad” or something else, but only because he doesn’t understand anything. And for those people who know how to develop, what changes are needed and what new technologies are – he simply destroys them and throws them out of the country with his new laws and new taxes.

Sure, good businesses cannot operate in such an environment for long. There is big business, but there are sanctions, and we can already change this.

What is his personnel policy? If we consider key spheres including economics, let’s see who Lukashenka assigned there. The main feature of these people is personal loyalty, but they are really illiterate, they are really incompetent and often they are people from corrupt circles. Again, there is a blow to the economy and the image of the country.

Everything is affected with these blows. Lukashenka is promoting truly illiterate policy.

Lukashenka is doing everything to destroy this system, because it cannot live without money.

This could lead to a split among the elites. They begin to declare war on each other, merge each other. Plus all subordinates see it. They understand that such a country has no future. And this is our job, to strengthen all this. But! First of all, Ukraine needs a victory over Russia. We can help as much as we can. There are volunteers. Some people are providing intelligence data to Ukraine from Belarus. Some people can donate directly, there is assistance to Ukraine and information support. Any help is very important. We also need international recognition of democratic forces. Our democratic leaders should already be working on this.

And the last: we must show an alternative to the people in Belarus. We must show how we can live and how we should live. Such tasks show no immediate results. And someone might say, “Yes, this has been going on for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years.” No, this has been going on for the last few years – the rest of the time the Belarusians were sleeping and and keeping silent, and they were indifferent to everything. It all started when the country began to rise and when national revival began. People started to think about it after unimaginable repressions of gigantic scale. There also had been repressions before but people did not pay any attention.

The Lukashists forgot how the Yurov trial [the execution of the Romanov family - Ed.]. All this awaits Belarus. I think that such an outcome may happen soon. This could happen as early as 2025.

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