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Piontkovski Named One Who Pushed Putin To Invade Ukraine

Piontkovski Named One Who Pushed Putin To Invade Ukraine

A strong statement by the political writer.

Putin was pushed to attack Ukraine by the head of China, with whom Putin met in February 2022, publicist Andrei Piontkovsky said on Espreso.TV.

The political expert expressed his point of view on the events at the G20. “Xi Jinping was absent at the G20. It was eloquent and blatant. This is a demonstration of the position. Xi Jinping in San Francisco understood: what you and I call the Fourth World War against the countries of the civilized world has been lost.”

The political scientist expressed an opinion about who could have pushed Putin to decide to attack Ukraine: “Xi Jinping behaved cunningly. He unleashed his two dogs: Putin and Iranian politicians. He carefully drove Putin to war with Ukraine. We remember that Putin was euphoric when he returned from Beijing on February 5, 2022. Xi also drove Iran: he has done several major favours for Iran recently. Everything to fight against Israel, Ukraine and the United States.”

At the same time, Andrei Piontkovsky explained the benefits of Putin and the head of China in the wars that they unleashed through joint efforts: “Putin’s strategy was very simple: if Ukraine loses without the help of the United States and Israel is defeated under the joint attacks of all terrorist groups, then this completely discredits the USA. All these signals are perfectly understood in the Far East, and then Xi Jinping would take Taiwan with almost his bare hands.”

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