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‘Sons And Daughters Of Various Bigwigs Occupy Best Places In Belarusian Healthcare’

‘Sons And Daughters Of Various Bigwigs Occupy Best Places In Belarusian Healthcare’

The doctor spoke sharply about the innovations of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health began to lower prices for dental services in Belarus. The acting head of the dental department of the Kopyl central district clinic, Uladzimir Dvaretski, said that he disagrees with the decision of the officials. Justifying his position, the doctor noted that prices are already low. He gave examples: an acetal denture is around 360 rubles, a plastic crown — 50-55 rubles, a simple removable denture — from 165 rubles.

Who is right in this situation? Charter97.org website talked about this with Belarusian doctor Aliaksei Nosau.

— The market is right. Dentistry is a business and a craft that must pay off. After all, in addition to human labor, materials are also used here. The price of services is determined by a certain number of factors — the cost of source codes, all sorts of costs for electricity, water, and so on, as well as the work of people.

If the authorities have magic under their control, with the help of which they can command numbers, maybe something will work out.

Perhaps the authorities are accustomed to the fact that when something is built in Belarus, for example, 40% of cement is needed and 60% of sand. But they give out 90% sand and 10% cement. The authorities think that you can do this everywhere: steal it, put it in your pocket.

Most of our dentistry is state-run, budget-funded. Materials are purchased externally. If you reduce the amount of stolen money, you will somehow reduce prices. You understand that any product that is sold in Belarus is sold after a cashback. Money goes into someone’s pocket, there are corruption schemes at the level of the Ministry of Health. They simply turn a blind eye to this.

The loss will be borne directly by the state. At a certain point, the resources will be exhausted and it will be difficult to provide even the medical care that is available now.

The authorities want to solve everything according to the principle: “Economy, stop, one, two! Turn left!” That's not how it works. The brain must be used.

— What consequences do you see for Belarusian dentistry?

— It’s difficult to predict. The quality will naturally drop. I repeat, if “cement is mixed with sand,” fillings and false teeth will fall out.

It would be better if the authorities stepped in and changed the healthcare system. It's possible. We already have a ready-made scheme, we are just waiting and sincerely hoping that when common sense prevails, it will be used. Everything is as simple as shelling pears. There are countries where insurance and paid healthcare are perfectly combined; only a little adaptation is needed.

— Doctors entering residency will have to work for at least five years after training. What consequences will this have for Belarusian medicine?

— Firstly, it all depends on what working conditions are created for the person. If he goes somewhere, breaks away from his roots, he needs to live somehow.

If he has housing, a good salary on which he can live, not just exist, the doctor will remain there. However, we see that people are not satisfied with the conditions. The doctors will either leave immediately or after some time. They will go abroad, become medical representatives, and leave the profession.

It is worth noting that the sons and daughters of bigwigs occupy the best places in Belarusian medicine. It doesn't matter whether they know how to do something or not.

Yes, there are stars and self-made people, but there are not many of them. Those who do not have such connections will be sent to urban settlements and small towns.

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