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Drama Critic: Christyna's Sea Play Is Amazing Work

Drama Critic: Christyna's Sea Play Is Amazing Work

Belarus has another talented actor who has the ability to be a theatre director.

The Christina's Sea play, dedicated to the first days of protests in Belarus, was shown at the Komuna Warszawa theatre.

A lecturer at the Department of Intercultural Studies of Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Warsaw, theater critic Andrei Moskvin shared his impressions of the play on his Facebook:

“I watched Christyna's Sea play by a Belarusian group. Great Belarusian actors. One of them, Andrei Novik, played the role of director. Text - it's a team's work. A story was told that took place over several days in August 2020, during the protests. We have two groups of heroes: those who went out to protest and ended up in prison (four people) and those who guarded them in prison (also four people).

The first four bring light, goodness, positivity, the second ones – people of aggression, strength, evil. The opposition of one to the other is the driving force of this spectacle. A very good choice of show location. The action takes place in a sports hall - a reference to what happened on the first days of the protest. The sports halls were often used to hold protest participants and as places where beatings and acts of violence took place.

The performance was created as a musical piece in which there are several themes and each of them develops and intersects with another. From time to time you can hear beautiful female singing - it helps relieve the tension and take the story to another dimension. amazing work. Bravo Andrei Novik – we have another talented actor who has the ability to be a theatre director.”

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