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Russians Snap At Putin Over Air Raid Alerts In Moscow

Russians Snap At Putin Over Air Raid Alerts In Moscow

The head of the Kremlin was reminded of “taking Kyiv in three days.”

On Wednesday, October 4, air raid alarms were sounded in Russian cities, including the capital Moscow. Russians became concerned and asked questions online about why such measures were needed, obozrevatel.com reports.

They wrote about this in Telegram channels. The Russian media reported that the Ministry of Emergency Situations launched a test of the warning systems, sirens and loudspeakers turned on at 10:43 local time for one minute. They were the first to sound in the cities of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

The service explained that the main goal of the training is “to test our readiness to act as intended.”

Citizens of the Russian Federation, for their part, assumed that the authorities were “preparing them for something” and were concerned about the question of what is the point of sirens if there are no bomb shelters anyway.

“From taking Kyiv in three days to the air alert siren in Moscow, the best geopolitician of the twentieth century,” people sneered in the comments.

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