4 December 2023, Monday, 5:54
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First Aimed Shot: The Great Battle For Crimea Begins

First Aimed Shot: The Great Battle For Crimea Begins

When will the main battle begin?

Ukrainian naval drones have severely limited the capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet. But the main blow to the occupiers in Crimea is yet to come.

Military expert Petro Chernik told 24 Channel that it is not yet appropriate to claim a complete victory over the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The invaders still have enough ships of different classes: from heavy frigates to working submarines and small missile-carrying ships.

"Each of these ships has eight launchers. We have all seen how the Kalibr works. They can still reach the middle of the Black Sea waters and strike," Chernik noted.

Nevertheless, a certain parity has been achieved. The occupiers realise that all their ships in the Black Sea are now under threat. And the first step in the great battle for Crimea has begun.

We need long-range missiles

As Chernik stressed, for the battle for Crimea to really begin, a sufficient number of long-range missiles, both land-based and airborne, are needed. Then it will finally be possible to build the Crimean Bridge.

"The Crimean bridge is an important artery. Especially the railway line. It can only be destroyed by large salvos of missiles. Not 1-2 missiles that take out a section. They will then repair it. You have to take out several hundred metres and take everything under fire control. So that any repair ships that came to repair it would also be destroyed.

The first accurate shot must be of very high quality," Chernik stressed. Then it will be safe to say that a big battle for Crimea has already begun. It is crucial for the Ukrainian military to finish with the Kerch bridge.

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