4 December 2023, Monday, 5:48
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Russian National Guard Pilot Nicknamed ‘Gavr’ Surrendered To US Embassy

Russian National Guard Pilot Nicknamed ‘Gavr’ Surrendered To US Embassy

The pilot fled Russia under the pretense of “vacation in Dubai”.

The Russian military, in particular military pilots, continue to flee Russia. Gavrichenko, a pilot of a Russian aviation squadron, went to Dubai under the pretense of vacation.

He went directly to the US embassy In the UAE and declared his reluctance to fight against Ukraine and his readiness to cooperate with US intelligence services. The Russian FSB launched active investigations into the details of Gavrichenko’s escape.

The Telegram channel Spy Dossier reported details.

According to the authors, a new case of escape of a Russian pilot, senior lieutenant of the Russian National Guard aviation squadron Gavrichenko (call sign “Garv”) became known on October 1. He took advantage of his vacation to escape and flew to the UAE with his family.

“At the end of September, pilot Garv had a vacation, which he and his family decided to spend in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Having thoroughly enjoyed the desert nature, Gavrichenko decided to radically change his life. He chose the American embassy in the UAE as my final destination instead of the airport. Mr Garv showed up there and stated that it refused to fight and expressed its readiness to cooperate,” they write.

At the moment, the FSB is actively working with the aviation squadron of the Russian National Guard, where Gavrichenko served. The “federals” are trying to establish all the circumstances of the pilot’s escape: they are interrogating his colleagues, searching his personal belongings, and examining his phones.

The FSB believes that Gavrichenko was persuaded to think about the need to escape by his friend and former classmate Anton Vasilyev (formerly his surname Liakh). He, being a pilot of the 610th Center for Combat Use and Retraining for Pilots (military base 41520, Ivanovo), left Russia at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Now, writes the Spy Dossier channel, Vasiliev lives in Los Angeles (California, USA).

“He spends his free time by the pool, organizes training camps for the Ukrainian army and, probably, shares official information with the Pentagon,” the public suggests.

The United States has pilot Garv now and all the official information he knows at the disposal. And there’s a swimming pool in the suburbs of Los Angeles not far away.”

Vasiliev and Gavrichenko are far from the only Russian pilots who made the right decision and refused to die in a senseless war.

As a result of the GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence) operation codenamed “Tit,” a pilot of the 319th Separate Helicopter Regiment (military base 13984) of the Russian Armed Forces, Captain Maxim Kuzminov, hijacked a Mi-8AMTSh helicopter.

A similar decision - to leave the Russian Federation, so as not to become an occupier and a murderer - was also made by the pilot of the 15th Army Aviation Brigade (military base 44440), Lieutenant Dmitry Mishov: he fled to Lithuania.

Recall that on August 23 it became known that the GUR managed to lure a Russian Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine. During a special operation codenamed ‘Tit’ one pilot surrendered and two other crew members died.

As intelligence officials said, the special operation lasted more than six months. The intelligence officers managed to convince the Mi-8 pilot to go over to the side of Ukraine. The head of the GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, called this operation “one of the best GUR operations.”

Subsequently, Maxim Kuzminov, the pilot who flew the Mi-8 to Ukraine, turned to his former colleagues and called on other occupiers to do the same. He received a reward of $500,000, shelter and new documents for himself and his family, and, importantly, saved his life for his deed.

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