6 October 2022, Thursday, 10:07
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Nick And Mike: New Window Of Opportunity Opens For Liberation Of Belarus

Nick And Mike: New Window Of Opportunity Opens For Liberation Of Belarus

The situation is at a “low start”.

The trilateral negotiations in Lviv ended fairly quickly.

It didn’t take much time to fix, in general, understandable positions, writes the Nick and Mike telegram channel.

Erdogan and Guterres dutifully repeated the thesis that the conflict must be resolved at the negotiating table — in reality, this is exactly what happens. We have no reason not to trust the information that the negotiations in this case are the idea of an old man from the Kremlin, which he himself cannot voice.

President Zelensky did not reject the idea itself, but negotiations can be different. And he confirmed his readiness to talk after the Kremlin gets out of Ukraine once and preferably forever.

What do we have at the end of the day?

Erdogan received the most. The title of mediator and peacemaker, who is authorized by the Kremlin to try to get a breather. And at the same time freer hands in Armenia and Syria. Yes, this is how the Kremlin betrays its allies when it catches HIMARS and other goodies on its territory.

Zelensky confirmed the thesis that in the event of a conflict, one must come to the negotiating table with a strong position in order to secure a victory. The larger and more serious the weapons, the stronger the position. The pressure on the Biden administration in this regard has only intensified. Ukraine has proved that it is not Afghanistan, therefore it deserves more and more support. It is no coincidence that the “open letter 20” appeared. It is symptomatic that a few months ago the American expert community was more cautious in its assessments and much less public.

Guterres reaffirmed the UN's status as a debating club that inevitably faces painful reform after Russia's defeat in the war. So far, we do not see even a hint that a more active position of the UN in the case of the Zaporizhzhia NPP can lead to some tangible results. Moreover, according to many experts, provocations can be expected at this facility in the next few days.

The Kremlin, which was present at this table in absentia, received nothing but a series of explosions at its military installations. And another international humiliation, giving the representation of their interests in the hands of Ankara.

Negotiations will definitely take place. Later, and on the terms of Kyiv and the allies. What will the Kremlin do? Taking into account the thesis of the Kremlin old man that you need to strike when you are most ready, and looking at how methodically weapons depots are being destroyed in territories that a month ago were considered “safe back”, we can expect the mongoose to attempt the throw very soon.

Moreover, a beautiful double date is not far off — August 24. If this happens, then the likelihood of a more serious involvement of the junta in the war will increase, which will briefly open a new window of opportunity for the liberation of Belarus. Everything is at a low start.