30 May 2023, Tuesday, 17:17
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Collapse Of Belarusian Industry

Collapse Of Belarusian Industry

Sanctions are killing the Lukashenka regime.

After Russian troops attacked the territory of Ukraine, Belarusian companies, which were in fact barely keeping afloat, faced new problems directly affecting the labor collectives. The West imposed the fifth package of sanctions against Belarus on April 9, 2022 because of the situation in Belarus and the involvement of the Lukashenka regime in Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

First and foremost, the freight industry was hit hard by this package.

Back in autumn, transport companies were badly affected by the closing of the Bruzhi border crossing because of the migration crisis unleashed by Lukashenka. Even then, transport companies were on the verge of bankruptcy, but now the situation is approaching total collapse. The restrictions imposed because of Lukashenka and Putin's crimes deprive Belarus of a huge advantage - its geographical position. The bridge between the West and the East used to bring in about 2 billion dollars and was one of the main sources of foreign exchange earnings in Belarus.

The absence of freight traffic is also affecting Belarusian factories. According to the official information of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Belarus, in March and April 2022, there was a large increase of downtime and forced underemployment in the country. The head of the ministry, Iryna Kastsevich, believes that highly qualified workers, on whose professionalism absolutely every company relies, should switch to seasonal field work.

This practice is far from being a know-how at the Belarusian enterprises. Back when I worked at Hrodna Azot, it was quite common to send workers from workshops that had no sales to unprofitable collective farms, which were pinned on the enterprise. As a rule, the engineers, machine operators and other educated specialists were doing odd jobs there. In winter we were "exiled" to work which the staff jokingly called "lumberjack one". The workers were forced in the voluntary and compulsory manner to cut down trees and minor growths at the sewage treatment facilities outside the city. At the same time, the people responsible for the sales problem were quietly drinking coffee in their offices. No economists, marketing managers or sales managers were there. The worker does not sell the products the company makes. He is only responsible for the quality of the product, regardless of where it goes next. And the lack of sales is the sole responsibility of the management, which, even in the pre-sanctions period, could not cope with their direct tasks.

Now this practice can be spread to most of the Belarusian plants. For example: Bresthazapparat (trade mark "Gefest"), which is considered one of the leading Brest plants, uses imported components, the stocks of which are quickly running out. The workers are only guessing what awaits them during the downtime: unpaid leave, or "exile" to collective farms.

Belaruskali, which used to be one of the most important enterprises of Belarus and a major source of currency, is also facing downtime. Now there is simply no shipment and almost all mines have announced unscheduled repairs because the port in Lithuania is closed. Young workers are actively looking for extra income.

In May, the Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ) will send employees on leave without pay, i.e. at their own expense for a few days because of the downtime, and the rest of the time they will work part-time and get involved in jobs not related to their direct specialization. Previously, much of the BMZ's production for sale to Europe went by rail in the direction of Odessa. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, this route was no longer an option.

Workers, engineers and other specialists at Belarusian enterprises are the current elite, who must stop suffering from the hands of the country's talentless leadership. It is Lukashenka and his lackeys who are to blame for all the trouble that has spread across our country. The sanctions are imposed solely against the dictatorial regime, at the same time as the West supports with confidence the Belarusian people and believes that democracy will come to our land as well.

With a competent marketing and management Belarus will quickly build up its might and embark on the European way of development. Each professional in the new democratic Belarus will do his thing. Every professional will value himself and the country he lives and works in.

Glory to Ukraine! Long live Belarus!