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Putin Said To Survive Five Assassination Attempts

Putin Said To Survive Five Assassination Attempts

Who and when tried to kill the Russian dictator?

Vladimir Putin, the president of the aggressor country, is said to have survived five assassination attempts and is now so fearful for his life he has surrounded himself with an elite team of snipers.

The most recent attempt on the master of the Kremlin is thought to have taken place at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, although details are only now emerging. Moreover, it is not known for sure who stands behind the possible assassination attempt, and where it happened, writes The Sun.

Putin is now said to be so fearful of another attempt on his life he has surrounded himself with crack snipers and is thought to travel everywhere with them.

“The crack-shot snipers have one very important job which is to locate other shooters and “take them out” before they get the chance to pull the trigger on Putin.The Russian President is said to have become obsessed with the idea someone is out to get him, which makes him seek protection in his isolated bunker,” the article says.

Putin's army of minions hired to protect him are the only ones allowed close enough, as he obsesses over assassination plots. Putin even employs a team of people to taste his food before he eats it, convinced he could be poisoned.

“It seems the Russian dictator is becoming increasingly paranoid behind the scenes, fearing someone in his own inner sanctum could poison him. There were rumours the former KGB spy even ordered special gloves to protect his skin from possible exposure to killer substances. Even his daily morning swim is no longer sacred, as he tests the water multiple times a day to check for suspicious chemical levels,” the author of the article writes.

The five assassination attempts on Putin

Assassination attempt #1 during the visit to Azerbaijan

During a state visit by Putin to Azerbaijan in 2002 an Iraqi man was arrested after apparently plotting to kill the Russian President.

According to reports, the attempt was due to take place in January 2002 by an Iraqi with links to Afghanistan and Chechen rebel forces. He was set to deliver explosives to a co-conspirator. Security forces learned of the plot and arrested the man and the accomplice.They were sentenced to ten years in prison.

Assassination attempt #2. Bomb under motorway

In November 2002 details of another plot on Putin’s life emerged. The Kremlin master was supposed to be driving along a motorway near the Kremlin. Along the way there was a group of people who claimed they were installing new signs. Just an hour later though a media outlet reported that 40 kilos of explosives had been discovered set to detonate along the road. The devices then mysteriously disappeared and Putin’s car was rerouted.

Officials, to this day, refuse to comment on the matter and even deny it ever took place.

Assassination attempt #3. Sniper shot

British anti-terror police reportedly thwarted a plot to kill Putin in October 2003. A source told The Sunday Times two male would-be assassins had been arrested but they had been released without charge and had returned to Russia. It was claimed the men, one allegedly a former Russian secret service hitman, were hatching a plot for Putin to be shot by a sniper while on a foreign trip. The report claimed the former Russian agent knew a senior officer in the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia's state security service and successor to the Soviet KGB, who would provide information about Putin's movements while abroad, allowing assassins to set up a hit.

Assassination attempt #4. Chechen rebel

A Chechen named Adam was suspected of an attempt on Putin’s life. He was shown by Russian television after an alleged plot to kill the Russian president had been disrupted in 2012. The suspect appeared on state TV, half naked and with apparent injuries, making a supposed confession.

He said in his appearance: “Our goal was to go to Moscow and try to kill Prime Minister Putin... Our deadline was after the Russian presidential election.”

Assassination attempt #5 after Russia invaded Ukraine

Kirylo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, claims that there was an assassination attempt on Putin after the start of the war against Ukraine.

He told Ukrayinska Pravda:

"There was even an assassination attempt on him not so long ago, commited by, as they say, someone related to representatives of the Caucasus. This is not public information. A completely unsuccessful assassination attempt, but it really took place ... It was about 2 months ago.

Once again, it was unsuccessful. This event was not made public in any way, but it did happen,” he said.

Putin is sick — what is known

There have been repeated reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from a dangerous disease. According to the media, citing a conversation with an oligarch with close ties to the Russian authorities, doctors discovered Putin had blood cancer.

Later, the Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine said that Putin was seriously ill, and a change of political leadership was already being prepared in the Russian Federation. According to Budanov, the Russian dictator has several major diseases at the same time, one of which is cancer.