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Ukrainian Military Exploite Polish C-125 Newa SC SAMs

Ukrainian Military Exploite Polish C-125 Newa SC SAMs

What do we know about them?

Polish C-125 Newa SC surface-to-air missile systems have been spotted in the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the forces of TRO Vostok and Militarny.

At that, Yuriy Ihnat, the spokesman of the AFU Air Force Command, refused to comment at the briefing on the way the complexes arrived in Ukraine and how exactly they operate.

C-125 Newa SC

The system is a Polish upgrade of the 1960s Soviet S-125 Newa-M air defense system. The system was developed to counter low-altitude manned and unmanned aerial targets in the height range of 20-18000 meters and at ranges of 3.5-25 km.

The SAM was upgraded in two phases as part of the Polish government's "Concept of the Armed Forces Development Until 2012" adopted at the end of the 1990s.

The first phase of modernization took place in 1992. The launcher was mounted on the chassis of the T-55 tank; the antenna system was installed on the wheeled chassis of the Scud missile system (MAZ type). It made the SAM self-propelled and increased its mobility considerably.

The following phase of modernization started in 1996. After that almost everything except the missiles was replaced in the SAM Newa. The new system had two processors to process the information about the course of target and missiles. Their computing power makes it possible to detect an air target in difficult radar conditions.

In addition, the modernization increased the range for detecting SAM targets. The engagement range remained unchanged, because it is mainly determined by the propulsion power of the missile, and it has been upgraded.

In the old Newa, the receiving and transmitting equipment occupied more than ten cabinets. After modernization, it occupies 1 cubic meter. Also the display system was changed - four monitors, necessary for operators of target tracking, were replaced by one. It digitally displays data from radar and television channels. An additional screen with the ability to switch display modes is superimposed on the targeting monitor. The radar mode selection for jamming is also simplified.

The staff of the complex was halved after the modernization. Newa SC receives air data at a range of up to 300 km from the third-generation Polish NUR reconnaissance station.

The effectiveness and fire cycle has increased. The modernization made it possible to reduce the number of launchers in the battalion from four to three (four combat-ready missiles each) and at the same time increase the number of missiles carried to eight. The number of transport vehicles of the complex was also reduced to 11.

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