25 May 2022, Wednesday, 6:14
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Why Weakened Lukashenka Afraid of a Hospital Bed?

Why Weakened Lukashenka Afraid of a Hospital Bed?

It's hard to be healthy when you are cursed by millions.

The usurper admitted that he had caught COVID-19, but continues to appear in public. The media noticed that Lukashenka's voice had never recovered. Information about the dictator's state of health is classified, which gives rise to talks about his health.

Charter97.org had a look at the opinion of Belarusians on the subject.

"He is cornered. He's afraid to even go into isolation to improve his health. He used to be able to stay off the radar for weeks, but now even being sick he rushes to all the events every day. The elderly impostor feels that his entire regime is treasonous; any suspicion of the leader's incompetence will bring down the regime. Let him run. He will drive himself into the grave faster. Even if he recovers, his voice won't come back".

"A leaky rubber hose plays a dangerous snake. Watch and laugh! The rest of the air's coming out of you."

"One should fight pneumonia in bed, not on one's feet. His bravado and attempts to prove himself macho will end sadly for him. He cannot but do it; to admit now that he's not a macho but a sick and feeble old man. It will mean an end to his revenge. The end is near."

"Crazy old man, if you contracted COVID-19, then go on self-isolation and get treatment. Why are you infecting yabatkas?"

"His entire "political" career has been built not with his mind, hands or deeds but his tongue. If he stops talking, he's a nobody."

"So Luka didn't want to save people from COVID. He played with statistics. He played the game to the point of making himself sick!"

"He's developing herd immunity among yabatkas. However, their faces prove they do not know it."

"It's not known how long he'll live, but it's unpleasant and miserable to watch and listen to him! Luka can only now speculate on the new five-year plan, "USSR-2.0", gas and oil breakthroughs... What are the stingy scoundrels who have initiated the destruction of the Writers' Union, TBM, the press, the Beekeepers' Society in Dubrovno and everything else, hoping for? Luka won't take everyone with him, even if he quacks."

"Vertical yabatkas will be happy to inhale the covid vapors emanating from the blue-fingered one."

"The Belarusian land can't stand him no more. His health slows down sharply and starts to falter. He could still live if he had given up the 2020 election and fleed. Now he's a walking dead after losing the election. No, he wasn't preparing to flee. He was preparing to strangle and continue his power. Now he is being strangled by various curses. He suffers from repeated COVID. If it hits the vascular system, it means thrombosis, strokes, brain decline to dementia, combined with cancer. He may die before our eyes."

"He went mental. He'd get sticks in India and go to jail for an attempt to kill the people around him. I have a question for the psychopath's entourage, are you healthy, cowardly dogs?"

"He ain't got no covid. He wouldn't be able to get out of bed! He's lying, as usual. His health problems are more serious, though. Dyspnea, oedema, stiff legs, shaky hands, blurred vision, incessant nonsense. Plus a state of permanent stress after the election in 2020. Plus, a strong animal fear after the kick that the yelbasy received. Plus a total lack of money and continuous hysteria... The patient is not good. Not good at all."

"It will be a pity if he dies... Without the Hague, it's not fair."

"Of course, millions of people wish him dead, it ricochets back to him anyway, and hits those who interact with him."

"Many people, of course, do not believe in the people's curse, but look how interesting it turns out: he said with his lying tongue that he would not hold on to the throne with his blue fingers. Let him now be responsible for his words. He should not have sworn".

"Luka is afraid that he will be betrayed by one from his entourage. His entourage is frightened to death that Luka will bite the dust. These officials will have to answer to the people for all the evil they have done. They are all bound by the blood and suffering of the people!"

"Healthy or sick, it's time for him to go to jail. Let's not relax, let's press on to the end. Let everyone see him in a cage and on all BT TV channels, to the delight of the yabatkas."

"Mental health is clear, but what about physical health? Will he make it to trial? He has a story to tell. Not only the deceived Belarusians but the whole world should hear it so that it could not happen again! It is never too late to learn. We have one life."

"Wants to pass away in a large group. Was Lida in the hall? Massandra?"

"He can't go on sick leave like all people because he understands that everything will fall apart at once. Like in Kazakhstan. All of his power is based on his thin legs, so he has to demonstrate his health and vigor. But it doesn't work like that, he gets a complication, and it's over. Even Chinese doctors can't help.

"He once again proved his poor mind and savage hatred for everyone around him."

"Where's that fat warrant officer? Gotta get a charge of vigor and pass it on in his ranks."

"To rule the people, live at their expense and call them "rats" just doesn't go away. There is a higher court that assesses such a ruler. An assessment both in physical and mental terms. That is what we are all witnessing. This is just the beginning."

"A sick man has been ruling the country for almost 30 years, and the result is a collapsed collective farm. The blue-fingered has a progressive disease. He's leading us to war as a result. He needs an urgent hospitalization in a mental clinic and an examination before the worst happens."

"It's hard to be healthy when you are cursed by millions," write Charter97.org readers.