25 May 2022, Wednesday, 7:19
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Repairman From Barysau Cuts Propagandist Down To Size

Repairman From Barysau Cuts Propagandist Down To Size

An employee of the brigade that was repairing the road has become a real star.

Alena Kurkhinen, an employee of the propaganda regional publication Minsk Pravda, asked people in Barysau what they thought of the proposed "changes" to the Constitution, writes Salidarnasts.

The real star of the program became an employee of the brigade, which was repairing the road.

The man in the Adidas cap stated that he has a lot of questions about unlimited power.

- It's two terms now, - the propagandist countered.

- Yes, but there will probably be two terms after the adoption of the new Constitution, as far as I understand it. That is, the one who was president, he can serve two more terms, - continued the worker.

- If people vote for him, if he runs for presidency... - Kurkhinen obviously did not expect this turn of dialogue.

- If yes, then yes, - responded the man. - Well, I don't know. I don't think it's a good thing, because the number of terms there has been already, it's enough.