25 October 2021, Monday, 20:39
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"If One Enterprise Starts Strike, There Will Be Chain Reaction"

"If One Enterprise Starts Strike, There Will Be Chain Reaction"

Which plant will be the first to go down in the history of free Belarus?

Belarusians continue to prepare for the strike. Workers from all enterprises join the new campaign "Let There Be a Strike". The Charter97.org website has checked what readers think about the labor protest:

"The strike will be the end of the regime. More than 80% of people are against the regime. They don't have the human resources to resist. What resources? Cops, prosecutors, judges and a bunch of supporters of Lukashenka? The most avid criminals will flee. There will be no negotiation with anyone, and the regime will simply run away at the last moment when the strike starts."

"The Bible is full of examples where all the vile families were ruined, because from the bitter root, the same sprouts will come out. They have to go through the same path - it's not the matter of the laws. In Scripture, God said: "I will be merciful to their iniquities, and their sins and their iniquities I will remember no more."

"Even today, the Lukashists are already walking down the street with caution. After all, it is not known what "people's love" can turn into - a stone or just a spit in the back. With the changes, lots of heroes will simply flee".

"All it takes is for one enterprise to start and a chain reaction will follow - Hrodna Azot, MTZ, BMZ and so on. Who will be the first to go down in history? The authorities are trembling and shrinking, because every day could be the last".

"The inhuman feudal system is doomed in any case, but the Belarusians are perfectly capable of speeding up the fall of the regime, using safe enough ways to do so without endangering their lives or the lives of their families. Go on strike, take a vacation, or work half-assedly. Given the stupidity of appointee leaders, sabotage is good enough for the case where one is forced to go to work for some reason. Sabotage will help bring to light the true nature of a thieving, talentless bosses. Tested! Medics - is's not the case for you, as it is there is no one to treat Belarusians."

"It is especially important to emphasize that covid is starting to run rampant in Belarus again. "The authorities" arrange all sorts of dancing on the bones through marathons, concerts, etc. No one is going to treat people or impose restrictions again. An additional motivation to stay at home may be the desire to save your life from covid. It's just that the whole country suddenly got sick and all collectively sort of fell ill. The best kind of strike."

"It's right to say that once one major enterprise starts, things will start to happen like an avalanche. Only we are responsible for the future of our country, and it is up to us to decide when the long-awaited changes will finally happen. Nobody will sit it out and no one will force the blue-fingered one to leave, if not us. As one founding father used to say, "Delay is tantamount to death".

"During the 27 years of his 'reign' Cockroach has bred and drilled such workers who are willing to work for a dime and promises of high salaries in the future! He has deliberately incited poverty, gigantic unemployment and came up with the idea of paying kopeck unemployment benefits in order to keep the workers in constant fear of being out of a worthless job with miserable wages! It reaches the point of absurdity that during the COVID pandemic, Belarusians prefer to die of the disease at their workplace, but are afraid of being left without work temporarily (!) even to save their own lives! Meanwhile, the official trade unions, instead of defending the rights of workers, are distributing vouchers to Belarusian covid-sanatoriums and presenting a box of sweets for the New Year! It is time to break the inhuman system! It's time to regain the rights stolen by Cockroach! A general strike! No more poverty! No more working for pennies!"

"This is a life-changing event on the battlefield of good vs. evil. And can be considered, without exaggeration, unique. The blue-fingered one is maniacal sociopath, who has singled out and subordinated to his service all the scum of the country. There is an opportunity to restore justice, to govern our country, to govern it wisely and for the good of the people. Ignoring these opportunities, how to measure and what to call these losses? When else have so many strong people in the country, at home and abroad, risen in such a unity? The willful actions of the Belarusians have already broken the well-oiled rule of the degenerate gang. The strike must be done. We have to learn how to make a national strike. For the sake of the future."

"Only a general strike will destroy the dictatorial regime of Cockroach! The people have no other effective leverage over the thugs who have taken over our country. There must be a strike!"

"Stop feeding the gang of chasteners! No more sweating away for Cockroach and his sycophantic lackeys! Stop working for miserable wages! Stop hoping for a do gooder! No one will free us for us! Those who work and study - go on strike! Unemployed people who have the money to survive the strike - stop looking for work! Working retirees, if it's hard to work - quit! With the help of the strike, we will first free the political prisoners and regain the right to peaceful rallies. And let's not stop there! Let's hammer away the fascist! He must leave by any means! Next, we'll finish off the subordinate gang! Let's bring back free elections with fair vote counting to Belarus! Let's smash the fascist scum!"

"A hidden strike is already underway, there is no work at work. Such a situation hasn't been observed for the last 20 years. Next either devaluation or they won't collect taxes for the fourth quarter."

"The faster the strike, the sooner our people will be free."

"There is a saying in Poland: "nie ma placy - nie ma pracy!" Translated: "no wages - no work!" It's time for the Belarusians to comprehend this phrase and try it on themselves!"

"I haven't been working for nine months and I'm not going to work at the moment. However, I had to limit myself in many respects - it is necessary to respect your own labor, not to work for a penny for the crooks who have seized power."

"Let us all get ready. The strike is the surest and bloodless way to liberate Belarus! Most of all the bald scum is afraid of the workers and our General Strike - that's the place we must hit! We are waiting for the date! We need to check the ties between all the factories and enterprises and know well the readiness and number of Belarusians who are fighting for a decent future for their children!"

"Miners! You have been working all this time under the conditions created by the strike of the former miners. Now it is your turn to defend your labor and the future of the new generation. The people of the Republic of Belarus ask you to go on strike at the appointed time. Together we are strong!" sum up the readers of Charter97.org.