19 October 2021, Tuesday, 1:53
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Life Hack For Vacationer

Life Hack For Vacationer

The perfect match.

Over the past year, we have learned how to do real partisan warfare. We mastered digital security and greatly complicated the task of all kinds of Main Directorates for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption grazing in district chats. We have become gurus of time management: even those who have never come to meetings on time before are now running in an instant to unfurl the flag in this very place, at this very minute, and have time to dissolve in the nearby alleys while the police buses are surfing the internet to determine where these damn uncatchable ones are holding their next action.

Without waiting for economic sanctions from the West, we introduced our own sanctions. Over the past year, Belarusians took one billion rubles and one and a half billion dollars from banks, closing deposits. Reduced shopping in state-owned stores to a minimum. More than a hundred thousand times have downloaded the Krama application, which allows you to avoid purchases from the “wallets” of the regime. They abandoned the once favorite products only because they are sold in the shops of Lukashenka's management department. Well, in general, we did some work. Now we can rest.

I have been noticing for a long time that in different European cities and countries in the summer you can see notes on locked doors on every street: “vacation until …”. Often handwritten. Small private businesses - shops, cafes, hairdressers - simply close because employees go on vacation all together. In my opinion, a great life hack for Belarusians. Remember how after October 26, declared the day of the national strike, security officials and all kinds of inspectors came to establishments that did not work on that day. Firefighters and policemen, state control and sanitary station, consumer rights defenders and officials from trade departments marched in closed ranks. On the way, they made up violations and closed the rebellious coffee shops and manicure shops on far-fetched pretexts. Some were closed for an indefinite period, others for a definite period, and others forever.

Now we have become meaner and more cunning. Hanging a sign “Strike” on the door means calling on all the above-mentioned inspectors, or even Karpenkou and Karayeu, of course, if such signs do not appear simultaneously in all neighboring establishments and in general throughout the country. For example, not everyone is ready to post such signs now. But vacation is a different thing, everyone is ready for this.

After a year and a half of world quarantines and lockdowns, after borders closed from us, after experiencing stress and enthusiasm, depression and euphoria, everyone wants to rest and gain strength. On social media, there are continuous dreams of vacations, memories of travel, and honest confessions of fatigue. Here it is, the right moment: the mood is appropriate, and the children have holidays until September, and the heat, desperately calling somewhere in nature, away from stuffy cities. Perfect match. As good as it gets.

By the way, I recently read in an HR study that even large companies like Mozilla and Linkedin have already tried going on vacation at the same time. And it turned out to be effective. An employee who has returned from vacation is not piled up with a bunch of cases, letters and papers that have accumulated during his absence. Those who stay at work do not have to take on other people's responsibilities, and certainly no one will tear the vacationer away from the family kayak rafting with an urgent call. Those sitting in the office and suffering from the heat do not envy those who are on vacation, and do not waste their working time counting the days left to themselves before the vacation. In general, emotional balance and overall harmony.

Of course, a hospital or an ambulance station will not go on vacation with the entire staff. This cannot be done by a plant or a tram depot (they can only go on strike, but today we are talking about something else, about pleasant things, about rest). But the very same private business that has been fighting off the greedy, eternally hungry, ravenous, grunting government for more than a decade - it is them who can do this: make arrangements, and go on vacation together. No Karpenkou will come, people will rest and gain strength, and the material damage inflicted on the authorities will not be a toothpick prick, but a real fire strike. Or, more precisely, artillery preparation before the big autumn offensive.

Hopefully it will be the last one.

Iryna Khalip, specially for Charter97.org