19 October 2021, Tuesday, 3:39
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Let’s Knock Out the Cockroach With a Strike

Let’s Knock Out the Cockroach With a Strike

The sanctions' hook has already disoriented the blue-fingered one.

Our struggle for freedom more and more reminds me of a boxing match. In August, the Belarusian people, who started the battle in the white-red-white corner, almost won by knockout. We hit the Cockroach hard on the jaw. Every time he attacks, we respond point-wise - sanctions, partisan attacks, economic strikes. Everyone around is whispering: you just need to survive 12 rounds and win on points. But do we have the right to wait? Thousands of our comrades are in prisons. Every day the junta is in power destroys the economy of our country and its future. Therefore, I am in favor of knocking out the usurper.

What blow can be fatal for the dictatorship today? I believe this is a strike. It is the most time-tested weapon against outdated regimes.

Against the backdrop of the latest news, I was greatly inspired by the workers from Kazakhstan. One after another, entire industries refuse to work. Massive discontent with the regime, working conditions, and wages have sickened workers from that country. The power of solidarity unites oil workers, railroad workers, public utilities, and even courier services. A couple of days later, the electricians announced that, if their requirements were not met, they would turn off the electricity supply to the cities. Just imagine this scale. This is a powerful blow. I think that, by such actions, it is possible to obtain concessions from the authorities.

Now, transferring the situation to our country, imagine what would happen if the refineries stopped and the workers just stayed at home. In a couple of days, all paddy wagons in the country would stop. Agriculture would simply automatically freeze even without a strike. Logisticians would join, as they are completely dependent on transport companies. A chain would be launched that can reach colossal proportions. Domino effect all over the country!

Workers in every enterprise must realize that we are unique. We are professionals in our fields. Why do we need to work for morons from law enforcement agencies? Why feed the gluttonous sycophants? Let's think better about our future and the future of our children.

It is the workers who can strike the decisive blow in this battle today. The sanctions' hook has already disoriented the blue-fingered one. The strike will knock the enemy down. We stop the factories, and the referee starts the countdown. Left hook, right hook, and strike uppercut to the jaw. We boxed the whole fight beautifully, let's win beautifully.

Artem Chernikov, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel