19 October 2021, Tuesday, 2:27
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Labor Movement Activist Dzianis Hutkouski: Cockroach Will Be First To Flee Country

Labor Movement Activist Dzianis Hutkouski: Cockroach Will Be First To Flee Country

Remember, how Lukashenka was clutching at his heart when he was given the finger in every enterprise.

Dzianis Hutkouski, an activist of the Belarusian workers' movement, delivered an address on the Real Belarus channel:

- Workers, my brothers, my kin. It's time to remember who we are. You and I are well aware of what is happening in our country right now. One old, sick, cowardly and terrified old geezer is trying to create the impression that he is in control of something in our country. But this is not the case. We are stronger and smarter.

We all have partisan genes in us, folks. Let us remember our history. We know it. And I'm not asking you to remember the ancient history of the formation of our state. Remember at least 1991. Remember 1991, when the miners showed who rules this country, who decides. The miners from Salihorsk, having broken through two cordons of police barriers, reached Minsk, the capital, sat down at the square and set forth their demands. This is who decides in this country.

The regime is terribly afraid of the workers. Just remember the beginning of our protests, remember the strike of 2020, when Lukashenka was clutching his heart, when every enterprise shouted at him, "Leave," gave the finger to him, suggested he shoot himself. Remember Kachanava, who, with trembling hands, was presenting the decree on all the pro-governmental channels: "Speak up about the inadmissibility of the strike".

So, the power is in us, men, in us, workers. Look at Lukashenka, remember how he arrived at the Slavonic disgrace, with a layer of makeup on his face, under which you could not even see his face, if you can call it a face - just a wax mask. And now look at yourselves: you are brave, strong, healthy men. And today no one is demanding radical action from you. According to the Constitution, you and I have the right to strike.

We can exercise this right for our own sake and for the sake of our country. Today, all we have to do is to start an Italian strike, that is, to work half-heartedly to this abominable regime. And after a while, when there is a large, sufficient number of us, we will simply declare a labor boycott against the regime, we will simply not go to work, we will stay at home.

Two or three weeks, and the blue-fingered cockroach will be the first to flee the country.

Guys, prepare for the strike financially, stock up on food and prepare emotionally. We start the Italian strike, and after a week, we declare a labor boycott and stay home.

From the beginning, this regime drummed into us the seeds of slavery. However, we have earned everything, we have produced things, we have sold them on the foreign market, the currency has come into the country thanks to us.

My brothers and sisters, you see how the regime is afraid of the strike. This is the trigger, the sore spot, by which we pull the regime. My dear fellow citizens, if the regime is afraid of strike, then there must be a strike!

Long live Belarus! Live forever!