14 April 2021, Wednesday, 14:55
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Who Will Give Money for the Repair of the Failure?

Who Will Give Money for the Repair of the Failure?
Uladzimir Khalip

The system crashed and does not work.

The intentions of the regime are grandiose. Everything looks as if the hockey player who was written off to the archive suddenly had a second wind. He is about to swing, and he is about to hit! And the whole world will freeze in amazement: is it really the same loser who lost the main elections last summer?..

According to the authorities, the triumph is almost near. And only two cursed obstacles do not allow to unfold in full force. The first is the catastrophic lack of money. Back in the summer, the Finance Ministry was supplying seemingly quite optimistic reports. Then, they paid the AMAP and GUBOPiK for the current punitive services, paid urgent debts, and, suddenly, an unimaginable hole in the budget was discovered. The default is already clearly visible through it. And if we do not urgently get about three billion in hard currency, the most unpleasant consequences may arise. However, no one is in a hurry to open a credit line in such a situation. That is why we have to fly again to the same place - Sochi.

And the second obstacle to the rapid revival of this system is chronic bad luck. Something broke inside after all. The system crashed. It doesn't work. There is no previous impudence and readiness to go ahead. Six months of nationwide resistance have done their job. They don't grab a machine gun because of a good life. Citizens of free Belarus have brought down arrogance from the regime that has become insolent to the extreme. And even open terror and complete lawlessness no longer save the situation. This whole camarilla confidently follows its own path - from failure to failure. And what is the way out? Well, there is no other way out than going to Sochi.

On the eve of this ski-sleigh meeting in the information space, there were many assumptions about the purpose of the visit. What a mystery of what and how he will beg there. In a timely manner, even a competent message followed about at what altitude above sea level the fateful negotiations would take place between the lost into smithereens beggar and the one in whose grasping hands the catastrophically shortened leash is now. Awesome intrigue!

And so they finally met. It was not pompous, and there were no ties. It took place not in the official hall but the mountain hut of a certain comrade Putin. There were no hints of the protocol. It was simple and even extremely simplistic. It seems that two passers-by had accidentally met somewhere on a narrow path, simply chatted about things, and decided why not have lunch at the same time? But this very demonstrative simplicity only emphasized the clever chekist move.

First of all, who is this owner of a modest hut covered with snow? Well, be that as it may, but that's the legitimate ruler of the country, who confirmed his status in the recent election campaign. And who is his counterpart? An obvious beggar, a convincing loser of elections. However, for some reason, the Kremlin still needs him. That is why there is such a stunning simplicity. No protocols! They didn't even bother to put two modest flags on the table during the shooting. The newcomer noticed all this. But he tried to hide his indignation. And in addition, he began to carefully write down Putin's platitudes in his notebook. That was the well-known mise-en-scene of the boss and his subordinate. However, the apparent servility was extremely pragmatic.

The interlocutors were skiing. They had lunch. They talked about something. They tried to joke awkwardly. But they didn't say a word about the main thing - about three billion. Only the vaccine seemed to excite them a little. And what about the coronavirus in the south of France? Here is such unimaginable disinterestedness, strange and inexplicable. And for the sake of this meeting, it was necessary to hastily drive the plane here, making an unthinkable detour around Ukraine?

There is no mystery here. Everything is thought out and calculated, everything goes on as usual. And the heavy wheeze of old rivals can be heard a mile away. Each has his own purpose. Not to miss, not to be late. But the circumstances are now so that it is better not to advertise all these goals and methods. Everything essential is now taking place in the dark, behind the scenes, under the carpet. Looting in circles close to the St. Petersburg gateway has always been honored. All the same, they see what state this supposedly guest is in. And therefore they will not miss their own. And that is not a miss. The hard way full of failures that are already merging into a single catastrophic one taught a lot. Major repairs are impossible without Kremlin loans. And they no longer give money for this. And what is asked in return - it is better to keep silent about that.

The first comments of political scientists about this exotic meeting appeared. Everyone agrees, there is very little information. Pictures of skiing and sledding passions are monotonous and uninteresting. But here the declaratively timid visitor suddenly seemed to someone confident and capable of conducting a dialogue on an equal footing. And we are talking about the one with a notebook, imitating his own officials, servile in his office?.. Oh, yes! He seemed to have turned the tide of events. And even in some foreign newspaper, there was already a revelation: we have lost the street. I wonder if the street knows about it?

And at the official level, it seems that everything is returning to its starting point. And the same cards are on the agenda. And thirty-first or thirty-some of this cheating pack will again put on the line all the same cursed questions - about a single currency, a single printing press, and supranational bodies. Without this, Russia will not be able to live in peace - otherwise, Putin will begin to lose his restless electorate. And a cunning visitor with a notebook at the ready will beg for Kremlin handouts to repair the failure. And, according to the old habit, he will even frighten the West, to which it is already forbidden to move.

Repairing a failure is a peculiar art. Subtle and unpredictable. Almost like jewelry art. Not everyone can succeed. It is one thing when this relatively honest method of withdrawing money is used by the well-known Ostap and completely different when the loser with his clumsy and frightened environment begins to eliminate the consequences of tectonic shifts.

In the performance of Ostap, this refined operation was distinguished by the elegance of design and precision of execution. As a result, no one was particularly hurt. Failure remained to its advantage. Tickets to the public were sold freely. They were acquired quite voluntarily. And the pioneers and policemen even received a discount. In general, it is better to ask the street about views on this problem.

When the time comes.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for Charter97.org