1 June 2023, Thursday, 9:45
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Stop Being A Slave

Stop Being A Slave

Stop exercising patience and doubt.

Why do I have to go on strike? This is the question many people are asking. There are beautiful and high-flown phrases: for the sake of the future, to be called a man.

But what does it really mean? Let us try to figure it out. What has been happening in our country for 27 years and what is happening today? Why is it that for each opened school, kindergarten or hospital, there are ten closed ones? How did it come that we do not live but survive? And why do we continue to keep silent, obediently go to work where we are paid kopecks, and put up with the knowledge that the police are our supervisors, not our defenders?

There is only one answer: we have been taught and brought up this way. A man who was born in 1994 simply hasn't seen any other government or upbringing. The blue-fingered one, who came to power in '94 as a "man of the people", in fact turned out to be a psychopath with delusions of grandeur. From that very moment he began to eradicate free will and dissent in our country. But he failed to take into account one thing: the Belarusians are not a stupid trusting herd. Belarusians are creative, freedom-loving people. And from the very beginning of the rule of the Shklou psychopath, there were quite a lot of people who did not agree to obey him. But the level of protest back then was way ahead of its time. Free Belarusians did not have then what we have today: the ability to share information freely. Today, in the age of the Internet and technology, we have been able to consolidate our society and understand that we are in the majority.

However, this is not enough. The abuser's victim instinct hasn't gone anywhere. We have been taught to be subservient slaves. How to get rid of it? Very simply: stop being a victim. Stop thinking like a victim. Remember, we have already seen that we are in the majority. We have learned to help and support each other.

I won't try to meddle with the economics of our country, but I see that for the entire 27 years, neither I nor my parents have received a salary higher than that of last month, relative to prices.

The social orientation of our state? Here is another example: the village where I grew up (by the way, it is the homeland of notorious V. Makei).

When I started school, children from that village went to school in that same village. When I started the fifth grade, my peers from that village went to the fifth grade at a school in the neighboring village. Ours had closed. When I went to seventh grade, they had to go to school in a village 12 kilometers away. Because that school was closed too. Now children from my village go to school in the district center 20 kilometers away. What I want to say is that thousands of schools are closed. And now look how many new prisons, colonies, detention centers and so on have been opened during this time...

How did it come that a policeman, a person I was taught since childhood to trust, a man who is supposed to protect me and my family, is now associated in Belarus with the executioner or the slave driver? It's just that simple again. The mustachioed lunatic has decided to place a premium on fascism. People (and often pretty good ones) go to the police for money and apartments. And then they have to make a choice: either you are the executioner or the victim. And they've been taught that way for 27 years, too...

Let's get back to the main question: why do I have to go on strike? To get rid of the victim syndrome! To stop being a slave. So that you and your children will no longer be victims of the global abuser! Answer yourself one question: as long as you are young and healthy, you can stop the moral abuse of your children and loved ones. A year, two, five years from now, when the time is up, will you be able to protect your child from real violence? And that's where it's all going!

So stop exercising patience and doubt and finding excuses for yourself! Stop asking the question, "why do I have to?"

I have to and that's it! For yourself, for the future of your children and your family!

Siarhei Dyleuski, leader of the Belarusian Association of Workers