30 November 2021, Tuesday, 8:42
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Law Enforcers, Save Yourselves. You Have Last Chance

Law Enforcers, Save Yourselves. You Have Last Chance

Balaba hasn't become a scientist yet.

Security forces, stage a coup before it is too late. Otherwise, you will not only sit in cells in the foreseeable future but also in cramped offices without any power - in the very foreseeable future. And who knows what will be worse for you. By the way, here is the news, if you are not aware of it yet: Lukashenka has ratted you out.

At a meeting on the fight against the coronavirus (to be more exact, on the fight against the existence of the Belarusian people), Lukashenka openly told Interior Minister Ivan Kubrakov that he would find out yet whom he was playing up to and who he was working for. The reason is that the police have decided to work not against but for Belarusians for the first time within the last year and a half, and have started to control the mask regime. But Lukashenka has other plans with regard to the police. Protection of people does not fit into these plans in the last paragraph.

So he reprimands the police general as if he were a boy smoking behind garages: he catches the wrong people, does not abide by the law and molests women without masks. Meanwhile, the cows are being slaughtered at night and sold to Russia in Gomel, the subscribers of telegram channels have not been shot yet. In general, Lukashenka will find out yet whom the Belarusian police work for and he will not pardon anyone. Law enforcers, did you get the signal?

By the way, it was such a clear signal that any astronomer would be happy to receive it from space. It needs no decoding. It was written in block letters on a large sheet of paper. And it follows after another signal, equally clear and precise - the reference of Oleg Chernyshev, former Alpha commander of the KGB, to the Academy of Sciences. The Alpha commander in the status of deputy chairman of the Academy with the subsequent threats to Kubrakov is, in fact, a demonstration of perspective. So use your brains, dear power-players, and think. Have you ever thought that the change of power will be a tragedy for you? No, fellow citizens, that would be the best outcome for you. But positions in the academic sphere after such sweet power backed by batons, wiretaps, and service weapons would indeed be the saddest and most inglorious end.

Imagine that soon Karpenkov will become deputy director of the Institute of Genetics and Cytology. In a month, he will beg at least for prison, a logging camp, when he realizes that he cannot break down laboratory doors and put scientists face down. After all, drosophila will scatter all over the country, and laboratory mice and rats will scatter over the fields and destroy the already poorly harvest.

And even Karayev, who is appointed deputy director of the Institute of Experimental Botany by that time, will be unable to help save the crop in any way. The Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering, Tertel, is also unlikely to contribute. Then, of course, Balaba from the Institute of Art History, Ethnography and Folklore, Barsukov from the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry and Pavlichenko from the Institute of Philosophy will be invited to brainstorm. And all these best minds, accompanied by senior and junior researchers from the riot police, will be unable to do anything. Then they will all be accused of bioterrorism. The website of the Academy of Sciences will be blocked, the telegram-chat of the Vegetable Farming Institute will become an extremist formation, and YouTube will publish a video message from former KGB Chairman Stepan Sukhorenko, who reminds the audience that back in 2006, they all intended to poison the city`s water supply by throwing in a dead rat. The next candidates for science will follow the same path, and the only person will remain in Belarus in the end - a policeman from Malorita, who has successfully hidden in the attic. He will be taken to Lukashenka, to head the Interior Ministry and the Academy of Sciences at the same time. But the policeman will wear a mask, and therefore he will be shot right in the TSAL DIR BIE. Anyway, there will be nobody to shoot by that time, so everything will end well for us and the district policeman from Malorita. But bad for them.

So save yourselves before it's too late, law enforcers. Stage a putsch, revolt, go on strike or at least sabotage. You are of no value to Lukashenka, your problems are of no concern to him, your zeal is not appreciated. Moreover, he will rat you out publicly in front of TV cameras, so that everyone could watch your humiliation and speechlessness. Including your children, friends, subordinates.

If you cannot defend the people - the hell with you, we will do without you. But at least protect yourselves.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org