20 January 2022, Thursday, 14:32
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Roman Bezsmertnyi: Potential of Protest in Belarus Is Growing

Roman Bezsmertnyi: Potential of Protest in Belarus Is Growing
Roman Bezsmertnyi

Lukashenka is held only by Putin's strength.

Ukrainian diplomat and politician, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Minsk Roman Bezsmertnyi, in an interview with Novoye Vremya, expressed the opinion that the protest potential in Belarus is only growing:

When asked if the protests in Belarus have finally died out, my opinion is as follows. In Belarus, there is a stable confrontation, and I would not say that one or the other side has won now.

There is a build-up of potential, and if it were not for Russia (the Kremlin), the society would be protesting.

It is now in such a deadlock because it is internally debating for itself - so what role do the Kremlin and Putin play in this process? After all, Putin is interested in Belarus as a military-strategic springboard to threaten primarily Ukraine and the Baltic States, as well as the countries of Europe.

In September-October-November last year, do you remember what theses sounded there? There were theses of the hope that Putin will do something, and that future Belarus will connect Europe and Russia with a bridge.

Now, as a result of the fact that it is becoming more and more clear that Lukashenka is being held by the power of Putin, this has led the opposition to a dead end. The protest movement in Belarus is in limbo. But today the potential for protest is growing. How will it explode?

It is obvious that the emotionality that is growing will continue to grow. Because the core of the protests is the younger generation. It was brought up in a quasi-independent Belarus and does not share the ways of confrontation that were previously. It is quite active and understands that the margin of time is not so great. It is also already clear for this generation that the role of the Kremlin in Lukashenka's stay in power is decisive. The topic of the confrontation between this young generation and the Kremlin is a topic for the near future.

It is a matter of months before the average Belarusian realizes that he is fighting against the Kremlin and not only against Lukashenka. And, in my opinion, the situation there will explode with another confrontation.