20 January 2022, Thursday, 14:25
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How Coronavirus Statistics Are Faked in Belarus: Large-Scale Falsification Exposed

How Coronavirus Statistics Are Faked in Belarus: Large-Scale Falsification Exposed

The documents of one of the Minsk hospitals were "leaked" to the journalists.

In Belarus, everything is okay with the official figures for the coronavirus. Every day there are about 2 thousand sick people and an average of 16 deaths. However, doctors say that the situation is not just catastrophic but out of the control of the Ministry of Health. Official statistics are falsified, and the cause of death is not indicated as covid.

“Coronary heart disease is the most commonly written. If there is oncology, it does not matter whether it is progressing or stabilized... It is disguised as ischemic heart disease or oncology,” a doctor from one of the Minsk hospitals told us.

The Belsat TV channel obtained medical records of one of the Minsk hospitals. It describes how a 58-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with community-acquired pneumonia and was diagnosed with covid during an examination. She died a few hours later but from lymphocytic leukemia.

Another patient with community-acquired pneumonia and the covid disease dies a couple of hours after admission. The official cause is not coronavirus but coronary heart disease.

There is also evidence that covid test results are being falsified.

"I took smears for doctors and the authorities just came to me and said: “You throw away these smears that you took, put the clean ones, and take them to Hrodna.” Doctors shouldn't get sick. If they fell ill, they should be paid, so even if doctors were sick, they wrote the ARVI but not the coronavirus," shared Aliaksandra, a former nurse from Vaukavysk.

“This is comparable to hazing in the army: you come to work after college and you see that everyone is doing this. Rarely does anyone have the initiative to challenge it. And you do this because you simply won't be able to work physically,” says a doctor from a Minsk hospital.

The Ministry of Health of Belarus claims that every fifth resident of the country was vaccinated against the coronavirus. But the official data on the number of vaccinated are also questionable.

“So how vaccination used to be when I was working... Flu, measles. They just brought lists with a certain number of people, 90 percent refused vaccinations. We took the vaccine to inject at home, a very large amount, 40 vaccines a day. It was all thrown away,” former nurse Aliaksandra says.

In addition, advertisements appeared on the Internet offering to buy a vaccination certificate. The issue price is $ 100. We wrote about this ad. When asked how it works, because the certificate must contain the unique code of the ampoule, we were told that the ampoules are being disposed of.

The doctor of the district polyclinic, which is engaged in vaccination, assures that such a certificate will be "fake" and it is easy to check:

"Everything is digitalized. They to forge the vaccination form itself, the patient admission record, the vaccine register, persuade the doctor and the nurse. Both the doctor and the nurse know this is a criminal offense."