30 November 2021, Tuesday, 8:17
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How Belarusians Can Earn More

How Belarusians Can Earn More
German workers
Photo: Der Spiegel

European experience.

The regime is bankrupt. Absolutely all businesses are going haywire. Salaries are falling, and there are many major staff reductions. However, apparently not for everyone. Cyber partisans continue to open the eyes of workers, reporting new data on under-managers of enterprises, who continue to live on a grand scale during a difficult financial period. The working class at this time does not have time to keep track of prices, which are changing at an incredible speed. People just don't know what will happen tomorrow.

Workers in all fields must understand that directors who write themselves large salaries (not to mention bonuses) are essentially taking money from their staff.

Judge for yourself: the director and an infinite number of fictitious assistants are minimally involved in product development. The basis of any enterprise is a worker who knows how to hold a tool, knows production technology, and has extensive experience. That is why workers are a great force that can produce quality products and change the government in their country.

Historically, workers formed trade unions a long time ago. The main goal of these unions has always been to improve working conditions. In the event that the employer did not fulfill the necessary requirements, the workers immediately went on strike. The situation is the same with political regimes. A general strike was recognized as the only possible way to overthrow unwanted managers.

When we talk about European salaries, we must immediately remember the word "strike." In the West, not a single month passes without some trade union or workers' society going on strike. As a rule, salary increases are the main reasons for the strike.

Trivial? But it works. Machinists in Germany, teachers in Greece, Polish doctors - these are the strikes of the last month alone. The trade unions in Belarus went down to the last place in Europe in terms of wages due to the absence of strikes. The conclusion is as follows: the one who goes on strike gets good wages.

There are many types of strikes, but the method we have chosen to stay at home is the safest. It is also suitable for our situation when there is a coronavirus tsunami in the country. The health care system is not just lame but barely crawling. Of course, our medical heroes squeeze all their strength out of themselves in order to save people's lives. At the same time, they receive minimal allowances for hard work.

For almost two years, the authorities ignored the problem of the coronavirus, while the whole world was fighting the pandemic in concert. However, the insolence of the regime knows no bounds. Now they have decided to introduce huge fines for not wearing masks. The fine is of such a size that many people in Belarus do not get paid such money - 870 rubles. Apparently, there is no money to support the regime. It follows that it is safer to protect yourself from the coronavirus and muggers on the streets by staying at home. By doing so, we will also help our heroic doctors.

In the morning, when the alarm clock rings, we all have thoughts: "Maybe to hell with everything? I'll just stay at home." But every time, reluctantly, we are going to work. The time to fulfill this morning wish will come very soon. We will not set the alarm clock in the evening, we will turn off the phones so that the bosses will be furious for a longer time, calling us. We will sleep well, stay with the children, turn on our favorite TV shows, do all the housework that we did not do because we are constantly busy at work. And, finally, let's get ready for the holiday - Belarus Liberation Day from Lukashism.

Obviously, there are a lot of advantages in a few words “Stay at home.” Everyone should visualize in their head their ideal time away from work and the result of this action. Think what will roughly happen at your workplace. Appreciate all your power as a working unit. And there will be thousands of such units, which simply leaves no chance for the usurper.

There will be a strike!

Artem Chernikov specially for the Basta! telegram channel.