6 December 2021, Monday, 8:52
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'They Write He Is Doomed': Even Lukashenka's Propagandists Mock Him

'They Write He Is Doomed': Even Lukashenka's Propagandists Mock Him

The circle is narrowing.

In the Czech Republic, the current government, headed by Babis, is losing the elections, so the coalition majority goes to parties that promise to act tougher towards the Belarusian dictator, writes the CYNIC Telegram channel.

In turn, Austrian Chancellor Kurz resigns. The same chancellor, under which Austria was "the softest country in the EU", so some of the initiatives could not be completed.

The Moscow "refrigerator" continues even with the current ban on negative coverage of Lukashenka's activities in the pro-government media. In fact, the "support" is illusory - even the conservative power bloc does not quite understand why the support of the criminal Lukashenka regime is needed.

And if Moscow marriage dances are familiar to us, then the European "contrast shower" cannot but rejoice. The problem for Europe is that the whole structure is clumsy, and sanctions must be accepted by compromise. And this means that each country clicks out problematic "deals" from the sanctions, turning them into a sieve and props.

In this sense, the American "brothers" will act as a "ram" in December. They must set the pace of sanctioned enslavement and destruction.

However, the change in European regimes (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria) to more anti-Lukashenka regimes means that the number of "holes" will significantly decrease, and the speed of introduction of sanctions packages will accelerate many times over.

The hearings at the UN were very interesting. A clown speech followed from Belarus, which had nothing to do with diplomacy. The rural kolkhoz trash - nothing new.

Lukashenka was supported by Russia and Venezuela. The latter is preparing for negotiations with the opposition and does not represent the subject, no matter how much Lukashenka may agree on "mutually beneficial cooperation." This thought, "We have what you need, and you have what we need," only makes one laugh. If there is oil in Venezuela, then in Belarus there is nothing at all that can be exported to an impoverished country enslaved by the "oil vegetable".

But for Lukashenka it is alarming that China was very neutral. This proves that "friend Xi" will not support Lukashenka's regime. The reason is the notorious "silk road", which is impossible while the maize codpiece lady is in power.

India was also neutral, it does not care about the policy of Belarus - it can become a funnel for fertilizers, but for the sake of this it does not plan to terminate relations with the United States. Namely, the economic rapprochement between India and the United States against China can play a cruel joke with the occupying fascist regime.

The Russians also please, who more and more often write that Lukashenka will soon be done, so we will pay for gas in thousands. Nobody believes in the man in a "condom-hat", and even propagandists mock him, showing the dictator in the form of a demon from the "Children of the Corn".