26 September 2020, Saturday, 16:48
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Lukashenka Is Zero, And We Are 97%

Lukashenka Is Zero, And We Are 97%

The action plan for August 9 and 10.

Our freedom is very close. This rotten, nasty regime has no chance. However, we now need to mobilize and concentrate all our forces and capabilities. Solidarity and support, courage and bravery are important.

It is clear that there are no elections under Lukashenka. It is clear that his accomplices will falsify the results again. Borsch-maker Yarmoshyna has already drawn a turnout of 41.7 per cent although the polling stations were empty at the early voting. We are not people for them at all: they don't see us, don't hear us, don't notice us, votes are stolen brazenly, and passport data is used as one desires.

But maybe that's enough? How many more years of our lives do we have to give to this gluttonous parasite who has taken over our country?

It is time to show that we are. Make them see, hear and notice us. And there's only one way to do that - by taking to the streets. It is our constitutional right and the right spelled out in the Declaration of Human Rights to demand free and fair elections at peaceful protests.

Lukashenka is a nobody, a zero. He has been illegally holding power for more than two decades and only trial and prison await him ahead. Anyone who tries to help him prolong his agony - voting riggers or riot policemen - is automatically registered as an accomplice to the crime and will certainly be exposed to lustration.

The most important thing is to understand how few of them are there. There are 97 percent of us. And these are not just beautiful words, this is reality. The whole country has rebelled against this collective farm regime. We just need to be together and, despite everything, not to give up.

What's the general plan of action? On voting day, August 9, people are urged to gather near polling stations in central districts of cities and towns by the time they close at 20:00 to find out the results of independent vote counting (the Holas platform and others).

The next day, on Monday, August 10, it will be necessary to react in the morning to the statements of the authorities. If they admit defeat, millions of Belarusians will participate in the festive procession. If they lie, then millions of Belarusians will quietly refute it through the All-Belarusian strike and daily demonstrations of protest in all Belarusian cities from 19:00.

Are they going to turn off the Internet? Fine. There's no need to panic. Take to the street to see with your own eyes how the history is made.

We cannot be disconnected from peace and freedom. Millions of people on this planet are watching us and wanting us to win.

We are the majority. We are the power. And they're the outdated past that's trying to cling to us convulsively. But no chance. The past never comes back. There's only the future ahead. Free and happy.

Natallia Radzina, Charter97.org editor in chief