1 October 2020, Thursday, 3:20
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'Belarusians, Your Position Is Dignified!'

'Belarusians, Your Position Is Dignified!'

An open letter to the fighters for a democratic Belarus.

The Polish Foundation for Freedom and Peace (Fundacja Wolność i Pokój) supported those who advocate for changes in our country, and addressed Belarusians in an open letter:

Dear friends!

We are aware of the historical seriousness of the events that are taking place and of which you are a participant. Dozens of thousands of people taking part in rallies and pre-election demonstrations, express their disagreement with the authoritarian government and show a desire for freedom, show Europe and the world that the ideas of freedom, peace and democracy are immeasurably important for the Belarusian society. They emphasize that the fate of Belarus should be decided only by its citizens.

Your position, which expresses respect for democratic procedures for the election of authorities, is full of dignity and deserves the recognition and the highest respect of the international community.

You remind Europe and the world that it is possible to peacefully demand respect for fundamental human rights by acting non-violently against political opponents. Especially when the authorities violate these rights, and their opponents are imprisoned. Therefore, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the principle of non-violence that you show to the world, thereby demanding changes in your state, of which you are the only masters.

Keeping in mind the slogan “There is no freedom without solidarity”, which paved the way for us, the Poles, to independence, we express our support for your efforts to create a free, sovereign and democratic Belarus. Long live Belarus!

Freedom and Peace Foundation

Warsaw, 3 August 2020