31 October 2020, Saturday, 4:30
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Andrei Kureichyk: Lukashenka Chickens Not Even To Fight, But To Come Onto Ring

Andrei Kureichyk: Lukashenka Chickens Not Even To Fight, But To Come Onto Ring
Andrei Kureichyk

The picture has become obvious to everyone.

Famous screenwriter Andrei Kureichyk spoke in a video message on Youtube about the unregistration of two competitors to Lukashenka, Solidarity reports.

- The CEC did not register Viktar Babaryka and Valer Tsapkala as presidential candidates. Why did this happen? The answer is very simple. It turned out that their rating is higher than the rating of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

Who would have thought two months ago that a banker is a person who has never participated in politics, whose recognition level was about 0%, who works for Gazprom, will have much more popular support than Lukashenka.

No one could have thought that the former director of the High-Tech Park - a non-public person, unable to put a couple of words about politics together, would have a rating higher than Lukashenka.

Lukashenka could not have seen this even in a nightmare. And when this picture became obvious to everyone, then he was simply frightened. All this non-registration, with no legal basis for it ... speaks of this.

In the case of Tsapkala, the authorities acknowledged that the signatures were real. The claims were for some allegedly incorrectly set dates, but the signatures were real. This is recognized, but he is not registered. As for Babaryka, there was a real circus show. They did not register him because of the property, allegedly illegally acquired, which is charged under a criminal case that has not yet been investigated, and for which there are no relevant court decisions.

All this suggests that Lukashenka chickened not even to fight, but simply to come onto the ring with these people.