26 January 2021, Tuesday, 8:33
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Result Of Madman's Rule

Result Of Madman's Rule

What is the government's money spent on?

Belarus is a wonderful country for those who persistently do not want to notice the criminal incompetence of the current government. Individual rule and absolute power of one person have led Belarus to a catastrophe and degradation in all spheres!

Parades and holidays, expensive and unnecessary sporting events hardly please tens of thousands of Belarusians who have to survive, get sick and die without waiting for qualified medical care!

More than a million people, citizens of their country, live in Vitsebsk region. And no one in power cares about the fact that there are only 3 MRI machines for 1, 230 thousand people in Vitsebsk and the region! One is located in the diagnostic center, the other one is in the regional hospital, the third one is in Navapolatsk.

There are 2 apparatuses for 370 thousand people in Vitsebsk! One of them is constantly broken or doesn't work due to other (unknown) reasons. There is a huge problem for people to have an MRI checkup. The queue, bribes and other methods are used to speed up the checkup, which can save lives.

2 MRI machines for the entire region! And this is in the 21st century, in a European country! Recently, I learned that a lot of patients from Vorsha are unofficially encouraged to go to Smolensk for a paid MRI exam. To the neighboring country! In Smolensk it is 329 thousand people, in the region - 942 thousand, and there are 7 MRI machines in Smolensk. And people go because they want to live!

The sad result of the madman's rule has led Belarus to degradation and humiliation, poverty and lawlessness. And at this time, Vorsha plans to build another church of the Russian Orthodox Church... It's a total amen, so to speak.

Aleh Yakauleu, Facebook