10 December 2019, Tuesday, 13:49
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Lukashenka’s Decree on Debts Is Beyond Common Sense, The Lawyer Says

Lukashenka’s Decree on Debts Is Beyond Common Sense, The Lawyer Says

It's the play with an appointment of scapegoats.

Lukashenka imposed personal responsibility of officials for the repayment of loans. According to the new law, the Prime Minister is responsible for the repayment of public debts, while the chairman of the National Bank is responsible for the repayment of loans of the main financial institution.

Chairmen of regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee bear responsibility for the repayment of the debt of local authorities. The decree does not specify what personal responsibility it bears for non-compliance with the requirements.

Do such decrees have anything in common with accepted legal norms and how may they affect the system of public administration in Belarus? Charter97.org asked the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for Homel region, lawyer Leanid Sudalenka for comments.

- How would you comment on the fact that an individual is held legally liable for debts incurred by state bodies and even the country as a whole?

- I offer you to give up on common sense here. If seriously, then the personal responsibility of officials for the repayment of government loans does not meet any of the existing regulations in the country.

And if it's true, this "imposition" is illegal, and therefore, it may be neglected. And how can this responsibility be fulfilled, if the country owes, and high officials should repay? This is out of demagogy...

Let's pretend for a second that the current Prime Minister can't repay the public debt! And what will happen? At worst, he will take a high position in one of the Russian state corporations.

Or the head of the National Bank may declare the default tomorrow. He's an appointee! The responsibility of chairmen of regional executive committees for local budgets is also beyond common sense. That's why it does not bear any responsibility. It's done to show the people that everything is still under control...

In general, today the economy of our country demonstrates deep stagnation, the state budget is not able to pay salaries and pensions without external borrowing. It bears severe decrees, a search for scapegoats is ongoing...

It is noteworthy that one makes one' s own choice and I offer not to sympathize with those who are entrusted with this arbitrariness. First of all, everybody knows that this a show-off. They say the people will swallow it.

Second, we are not those who allocate land plots for officials in Drazdy for them to build palaces worth millions of dollars free of charge. We should also take this into account.

- Are there any other countries in the world where the Prime Minister would be responsible for the entire state debt?

- It's utopia. It can't exist anywhere in the world. It's possible only under the dictatorship.

Our country is the last in Europe with the death penalty. Belarus is the only country in the world where the majority of the population does not speak their native language.

We are the only country in Europe which is not a member of the Council of Europe. After all, our "president" has been in office for 6 years longer than Brezhnev, 10 years longer than Putin and only 5 years less than Stalin. The countries where society controls power, won't let it happen!

- Doesn't this decree remind us of the practice of guys from the 90s: to appoint someone as a debtor and demand money for something he hasn't actually done?

- As they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Here we have absolute power and the master has decided to appoint a scapegoat.

- Recently, Lukashenka made Prime Minister Rumas responsible for "economic growth". How wise is this decision? Can an official be responsible for things he cannot control?

- One may try to shift the responsibility for economic failures to officials, but representatives of one nation I respect say: "If you are so smart, why are you so poor?"

If the Prime Minister fails, let you take a shovel and set an example! The appointment of Prime Minister Siarhei Rumas to be responsible for public debts is the same story.

- Will Lukashenka's decrees cause new purges in the state apparatus? Will officials lose their positions?

- No clairvoyant will answer this question. It is barely possible to guess the mood of the dictator of 25 years in power. The lastest one who lost his position is the former Interior Minister.

I guess the Defence Minister is the next. However, our puppet theatre remains the same...

- How do such approaches affect people's attitudes towards public service?

- You know, every day people realise that those who are unable to bring an idea work for the state.

After all, one is paid there, regardless of a contribution made. In fact, one is paid for not producing anything. Growing ideological departments at places are a good example. What do they produce and who does need their work?

- Lukashenka has repeatedly stated about the toughest combating corruption and successes reached. Why do such decrees appear as well as other scandalous cases?

- You know, combating corruption may be an endless discussion, but when Lukashenka's chief of security is detained with a kickback of $150.000, no state ideologist can fix the image.

The fish rots from the head down!