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What Is Known About Company-Supplier Of Fireworks For Ministry Of Defense

What Is Known About Company-Supplier Of Fireworks For Ministry Of Defense

Yesterday, its installation turned into a grenade with shrapnel.

On July 3, during a festive salute near the obelisk “Minsk - Hero City”, an emergency situation occurred, ending with victims and casualties, at least 10 people were injured. A source of onliner.by, a specialist in the field of pyrotechnics, says that this could happen due to improper loading of the mortar gun, and claims that the Russian company Piro-Ross supplied pyrotechnics for the Defense Ministry. The journalists tell what is known about this company from Sergiev Posad.

In general, Sergiev Posad is known for its pyrotechnics: there are several companies in one way or another connected with this sphere. The largest of them are the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry, and the private company Piro-Ross. The latter was founded in 1994 by four defense enterprises, including the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “KHZ” (Krasnozavodsk, Moscow region), the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Federal Research, Production, Scientific, and Practical Institute “Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry” (the city of Sergiev Posad, Moscow region), the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Signal” ( Chelyabinsk), and the Federal Center for Dual Technologies “Soyuz” (Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region).

The history of this enterprise is described in detail by the Kommersant publication. Piro-Ross almost immediately switched to orders from the Ministry of Defense, but it is common to wait for the money from the office for more than a year, so soon they implemented one more line of business - the garment industry.

The website of the Piro-Ross company reports: “Since 1994 Piro-Ross OJSC has been developing, producing and selling equipment for the production of salutes and fireworks. Successful experience has allowed us since 2000 to become the main developer and supplier of firework installations for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which is a guarantee of reliability of the produced equipment. In all of our fireworks, the exclusive equipment made by Piro-Ross is used.

The company’s website also describes the scope of its activities: “Among the significant achievements of Piro-Ross OJSC, one can note the organization of fireworks at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and the 850th anniversary of Moscow, when shooting only high-rise products of caliber 105, 195 and 310 mm was performed at forty points of the capital at the same time. At this firework event, 46 tons of fireworks were used, and the fireworks at the central point, Sparrow Hills, were regarded by Russian and foreign media reviews as “grandiose and fantastic”. ”

The source claims that purchases at Piro-Ross are, on average, more expensive than at other suppliers. The Kommersant publication also writes that in Russia 80 percent of fireworks are of Chinese origin, however, for example, the Russian Ministry of Defense is not able to buy Chinese products and therefore uses the services of the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry and Piro-Ross. Quote: “By 2008, Piro-Ross not only produced professional pyrotechnics of several calibers for the Ministry of Defense, but was also the only manufacturer of salute installations in Russia.”

At the same time, Kommersant describes the approach to the safety of pyrotechnics in Russia in the following way: “In 2009, the government approved the safety regulations for pyrotechnic compositions, on the basis of which two years later the corresponding technical regulations of the Customs Union appeared. Pyrotechnic products are allowed for sale after certification, and for the production or distribution of fireworks of the fourth and fifth classes of danger, which are used in professional fireworks, you must obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade”.

The journalists contacted representatives of Piro-Ross, but they refused to comment. However, the Office Life edition received a comment from the company’s representatives. According to the publication, during the salute, fireworks produced by Piro-Ross in 2017 were used.

“Every year it’s about the same amount. In Russian rubles, about 20 million. Our representatives are now in Minsk, they solve all the problems that have arisen on the spot,” representatives of Piro-Ross told Office Life.

This is the official information on the company's website: “All equipment and products are certified. OJSC Piro-Ross has the license of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation No. 10145-RPI for the right to display fireworks and insures civil liability when conducting fireworks events at the Military Insurance Company. ”

One of the official versions, voiced by the Investigatory Committee, is a low-quality projectile. If this is the case, then here is a comment by an interlocutor engaged in pyrotechnics on a professional level:

- Judging by the photos from the scene, the distorted installations, the problem could actually be in the flawed article. A volley consists of a ball and an expellant which pushes the ball out of the mortar. In order for the ball to reach the desired height and open up there, the manufacturer places a retarder in the product. In our environment, there are cases when the retarders in the products of the manufacturing company either did not work or worked instantly.

In addition, they shoot from iron mortars, which we never do. We have plastic or aluminum, which is not traumatic in the long run - only people who work in the immediate vicinity of the installation can suffer. Yesterday’s installation turned into a grenade with shrapnel. I think that the problem is not in people, but in the products.

The Ministry of Defense notes in its report: “The alleged cause of the explosions is poor-quality charges of this caliber (195 mm). The Investigatory Committee also put forward and are working out other possible versions of the incident.”

In the places where the salute was held, a cordon was set up in accordance with the regulatory acts supervising the use of these fireworks products that have the appropriate certificates of the manufacturer (the fireworks installations and the fireworks products themselves were purchased from the Russian company Piro-Ross, Sergiev Posad).