18 February 2020, Tuesday, 13:15
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Relatives of 'Parasites' Are No Longer Issued Sick Leaves

Relatives of 'Parasites' Are No Longer Issued Sick Leaves

In addition, some other categories of Belarusians are deprived of the right to free sick leave.

The story of a Babruisk woman, who was not issued a sick leave to care for a child because her husband is listed as a parasite, has caused a great resonance. Charter97.org informed that the doctor refused the employed woman in sick leave and recommended to bring a certificate that her husband also works. It turned out to be "legal" - this is the only option for her to get paid sick leave.

Kp.by journalists decided to learn when Belarusians may still be left without paid sick leave.

1. You or a member of your family is a parasite

Indeed, parasites now are not given sick leave. This became legal at the beginning of 2019 when the resolution of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour No. 1/1 of 04.01.2018 "On Approval of the Instruction on Issuing and Registration of Certificates of Unfitness for Work and Certificates of Temporary Unfitness for Work" came into force. It says that Belarusians of working age, who are not employed and not registered as unemployed, will be issued a certificate of temporary unfitness for work, not a sick leave.

It turns out that if a husband is not officially employed, childcare sick leave will not be paid for his wife. If she asks for sick leave, she will only be given a certificate, which is not paid.

2. A child's illness does not always mean the childcare sick leave for parents

It's the logic that is applicable for a mother (or father) on parental leave if a child in the family falls ill. But if a mother on maternity leave falls ill and cannot take care of a child under three years (for example, she was put in hospital or she is at home, but with a broken arm), a childcare sick leave can be issued, for example, to a working father, grandmother or grandfather.

After three years, children are supposed to go to a kindergarten, then to school, i.e. they do not need permanent care. Therefore, if a mother of a child between the ages of 3 and 14 is ill and unable to take care of him or her, the childcare sick leave will not be issued to another family member.

3. You just found a job

If you got a new job and got sick, your sick leave is not 100% paid. It will happen if your new employer has already paid contributions to the pension fund for you (usually on the payday). If he or she has not paid on time or there were no contributions to the pension fund within 6 months, your sick leave is not paid. The same happens if you work unofficially and do not pay contributions.

However, young specialists who have not worked for six months are subject to paid sick leave. However, it will be based on half the minimum subsistence budget. Now it is 224.02 rubles, so it is very little in the end.

4. An employer decided not to pay your dues

Sometimes employees get into a ridiculous situation - they work officially, and then it turns out that the employer did not make contributions to the Social Security Fund. They have no paid sick leave either, although they are not to blame. In order not to face it, one can call the Social Security Fund to find out if contributions are made.

5. You are on study leave or at your own expense

If you are sick on vacation, it will be shifted to another time and your sick leave will be paid. But if you are on vacation and your child falls ill, you will not be paid sick leave and your vacation will not be rescheduled.

You are not subject to paid sick leave if you are on vacation at your own expense or on study leave (whether paid or not). For example, you have an examination period.