3 August 2020, Monday, 12:52
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Russian At Protest Rally In Minsk: Fight!

Russian At Protest Rally In Minsk: Fight!

The Belarusian independence has been supported by an activist from Russia.

During the rally for independence in Kastrychnitskaya Square, a young man from Russia, who joined the protest in the capital of Belarus, made a speech:

"I am a Russian from Russia. I know very well what the authorities did to my country. Belarusians, you must not let this happen to your country, otherwise you will be slaves! Do fight!" - he urged the Belarusians.

We remind that on December 7, a rally to defend the independence and sovereignty of Belarus took place in Kalinouski Square (Kastrychnitskaya Square) in Minsk. Several thousand people took part in it.