4 June 2020, Thursday, 3:44
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Card Cheater Or Aristocrat?

Card Cheater Or Aristocrat?

Why has Lukashenka grown a long nail on his little finger?

If you take a closer look at the photo posted by Zelensky on Twitter, you will notice an overgrown nail on Lukashenka’s little finger. How come the patriarchal Belarusian ruler adopted such a love for manicure? Having studied what they write on the network, UDF.BY brings together the following versions.

1) For opening letters sealed with sealing wax when there is no knife at hand. To this end, aristocrats grew nails on the little finger in the XVII century: the remaining fingers are needed for waving the sword, and the little finger is the most unnecessary. Hmm, who writes Lukashenka the letters sealed with sealing wax, so he does not entrust his press-center to print them out for him?

2) In France of the XVII-XVIII centuries, the noble grew long nails on their little fingers, because knocking on the door was indecent, but scrubbing with a fingernail to ask permission to enter was considered the right thing. Imagine how Lukashenka is scratching at the Kremlin door to Putin …

3) In the XX century, a long fingernail on the little finger indicated belonging to the criminal world. This is a sign of authority: important prisoners did not work, which allowed them to care for their nails. Maybe the ruler feels like in prison at his post? He can’t leave, doesn’t know who to leave Belarus for …

4) In the 1970s, American drug addicts sniffed cocaine from the nail. Acutely needy people measured a dose of powder by putting it on the nail on the little finger. It was convenient and safe. As a result, there was even a measure of cocaine called “nail”. Hmm, isn't that why Zelensky and Lukashenka were so cheerful in Zhytomyr?

5) A long fingernail on the little finger (usually the left hand, but if the man is left-handed, then the right) is necessary for “katals” - card cheaters. When performing fraudulent removal (“volts”), the nail is used for marking when dividing cards. Having seen this (long nail) in childhood in yard type companies, many also grew this very nail in imitation of older comrades. Many people still have the habit ... Now you understand how Lukashenka has managed to knock out subsidies from Russia for so long?