6 July 2020, Monday, 13:13
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Mikalai Kazlou: Good News Is That People Want Changes

Mikalai Kazlou: Good News Is That People Want Changes

The politician has compared the pickets to collect signatures under white-red-white flags and the ones of pro-government "candidates".

The first stage of the parliamentary election campaign has brought disturbing news about the state of democracy in our country.

This was stated by the leader of the United Civil Party, Mikalai Kazlou, in a commentary to the ucpb.org website.

- At first, this sneaky regime has destroyed any possibility of political competition, disabling candidates with various restrictions and a constant threat to be removed from the elections. With its law-abiding law enforcement agencies, servile prosecutors and courts that have forgotten their mission, and with its under the sway, time-tested election commission members, who are in cahoots because they have committed falsifications (crimes) in previous campaigns, the regime can easily get rid of undesirable candidates at any stage of the campaign. And now they do everything to prepare carefully for fraud and have the opportunity to appoint the "deputies" that they, not the voters, need comfortably and safely. Theft, and in this case the theft of the voters' votes, is covert embezzlement. And it is for this reason that the sickeningly familiar faces have appeared in the commissions, and there are no representatives of opposition candidates able to prevent this crime.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna, the CEC head, has hollowed out the elections to the point where they are no longer perceived by the voters. The citizens clearly understand that they are deprived of the opportunity to exercise their active right to vote. The first stage clearly shows that the parliament, deputies, and Yarmoshyna in particular cause the overwhelming majority to feel negative emotions - from mistrust and disregard to disgust and aggression.

It is for this reason that we have observed the empty pickets of the pro-governmental candidates and the lively, active ones under the white-red-white flags. Yarmoshyna has managed to achieve her goal - the elections as an institution of democracy have ceased to exist in Belarus, only a pathetic imitation has remained.

But there is also good news - people want changes, they want to decide for themselves how to live without relying on thieving officials. Yes, they snarl deafly in their apartments for the time being, but this snarling and sometimes growling comes from everywhere.

John F. Kennedy said that those who make a peaceful revolution impossible make a violent revolution inevitable.

And Yarmoshyna? She is hardly concerned about the future of the country. This is a person who is divorced from Belarus. And I am sure that after the end of her "labor activity" she will leave Belarus and settle down comfortably and peacefully somewhere in Kaliningrad.