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Charter 97!

Aleh Sidorchyk, Uladzimir Shcherban, Aliaksei Shyrnevich: Happy Birthday, Charter!

Aleh Sidorchyk, Uladzimir Shcherban, Aliaksei Shyrnevich: Happy Birthday, Charter!

Birthday wishes from the Belarusians of Great Britain.

Representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Great Britain – director of the HUNCH theatre Uladzimir Shcherban, famous actor Aleh Sidorchyk, and architect Aliaksei Shyrnevich congratulated the website Charter97.org on the 20th anniversary.

Uladzimir Shcherban: Hello, dear friends. This is exactly what you are – our friends. We gathered here today after the show absolutely unexpectedly. We work in different campaigns. But the occasion today is different, absolutely wonderful – the jubilee, the 20th anniversary of a great organization Charter’97, many of our friends work in it. We congratulate them all on this jubilee. We know these are difficult times for all, and we wish you to flourish and to continue doing what you did throughout these twenty years.

Aleh Sidorchyk: I also want to remind your dear readers, our compatriots and all those who are not indifferent to the problems of Belarus, that Charter97.org is experiencing financial hardships. Let us help them.

Aliaksei Shyrnevich: Happy birthday, Charter!

Important to note, on September 3 Editor-in-Chief of Charter97.org website Natallia Radzina stated there was a threat to the work of the website due to the sharp decrease of financing, and called the readers for solidarity. You can help the website by doing the following:



Bank's name: Bank Millennium S.A.

Address: ul. Stanislawa Zaryna, 2A, 02-593, Warszawa

IBAN: PL 97 1160 2202 0000 0002 1671 1123


Name of the account holder: Fundacja “KARTA ‘97”

Purpose/title of payment: Donation for statuary aims

You can contact us by the e-mail [email protected]

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