21 July 2024, Sunday, 8:23
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Sim Sim,
Charter 97!

Go ahead soldiers!

Go ahead soldiers!

Here come the birthday wishes to Charter’97 from Charter’77.

Zuzana Szatmáry, the famous Slovak human rights activist, poet, publicist and sociologist greeted Charter’97 with its 20th birthday. In 1993, the European Union awarded her with the title “Woman of Europe”. Since 1989 till 2016 Szatmáry headed the Charter’77 foundation.

- Happy birthday!

I’m Zuzana Szatmary. I’m poet, a columnist, a sociologist but first of all I’m founder and director of Charter-77 Foundation from the year of 1989 to 2016. And 20 years ago I became friend and supporter of you people. And this connection is still based on great trust and common ideals. My opinion is that it is my duty to persuade Western countries that it’s worth to support democracy fighters in Belarus.

Godd luck!

Go ahead soldiers!

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